Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ode to the Gear Clay Pendant

Hello Makers!

So if you follow my blog, you know that I am fond of the Steampunk genre. What can I say, gears just make me giddy. I made this pendant in the Steampunk aesthetics, minus using the metallic look. I know, the purist would be upset, don't tell them though. I call this shrine pendant 'Ode to the Gear', a small way to honor the humble gear.

I used Create Along's Shrine cutter. For the clay I used Sculpey's Pumpkin (orange) and Sea Glass (greenish) Souffle clay and Makin's Clay Gears Texture Sheet and round cutters. Check out my tutorial below.


Condition the Pumpkin Souffle clay using the Pasta Machine. Roll out a sheet to the 2nd thickest setting. Press the Gear texture sheet onto the clay. This sheet has the negative and positive indentations.

Cut a hole about the size of the gear with Makin's Clay round cutters.

Roll out a sheet to the 2nd thickest setting of Sea Glass Souffle clay.

Place the Pumpkin Souffle sheet over the Sea Glass sheet and press down with a tile or roller. Ensure not to distort the gear shapes. This ensures a bond between both sheets. 

Place the Shrine cutter over the center of the hole and cut out the shape.

Using liquid clay or other glue adhere the metal gear into the clay. Bake in the oven in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions on the package. 

Give the pendant some surface treatment with Baroque Gilders Paste Wax or other paint. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Orange Tabby Cats Card-Imagine

Meow Makers!

Today I would like to share my orange tabby cat card using Imagine products and Laurel Burch Whiskers cat stamp. This card was inspired by my awesome orange tabby cat O'Malley, see his pic below. So there I was, sitting at my crafting table trying to think of something to make for my Imagine projects. I was looking through my stamps. I happen to be holding my cat stamp when my cat walks by and rubs against my feet, it usually means he wants his Whiskas cat milk (he loves that). Then it came to me I will make and orange tabby card...after I gave him his milk, of course.

So for this card, I used Imagine's orange and yellow Memento inks, then added a layer of Orange Zest StazOn Studio Glaze, which is a vibrant translucent medium. I found that it unified the inks nicely; making for an awesome background. Check out Imagine's blog to learn how to make this card.

My cat O'Malley

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sgraffito Bowls-Imagine

Hello Makers!

Sgraffito is the word of the day. Sgraffito (an Italian word meaning “to scratch”) is a decorating pottery technique produced by applying color to clay then scratching off parts of the clay when it is leather hard, creating contrasting images, patterns, and texture that reveal the clay color underneath. This technique has been around since around the 15th century. 

So for this project, we follow in the footsteps of potters have been doing for centuries, minus the kilns, to make sgraffito bowls. I used store-bought, Activa Plus Self Hardening Clay. It's a really nice clay; it's fine, moist, malleable, firm (but not hard on your hands). Keep moist by spraying water. I find it similar in texture and behavior as ceramic earthenware clay, ideal for sgraffito work. You need some kind of lightweight paint to go over clay. I used Imagine's Tsukineko’s All-Purpose Ink. A light, but highly pigmented ink, perfect for this project. Get detailed images and instruction at Imagine's Blog.

High level stepout images

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Life is a Beautiful Ride Assemblage

Hello Makers!

My share today is this simple assemblage shadowbox made using handmade clay pieces, resin embellishment and paint. I found this resin bicycle years ago and thought it would be a good assemblage or canvas mixed media embellishment one day. I made the tree out wire and covered it with Makin's Clay. I know the tree feels that it should have leaves, for some reason I did not want leaves, lol! Below is high level tutorial.

So I started by painting my little 5x5 shadowbox with white gesso, 
then painted it with blue acrylic paint.

Painted some flowers, bushes, grass and clouds with acrylic paint. 

I made the tree by wire wrapping 18 gauge aluminum wire together, 
then covered it with Makin's Clay. Allowed the clay to dry for a day. 
Painted the tree and bike with white gesso. Ready to be painted. 

See my post on wire tree, where I explain how to make wire trees. 
Only difference is that the trees in the post were not altered or painted. 
Unlike this tree that I covered with clay and painted. 

I painted the tree with brown acrylic paint.

I painted with bicycle red, brown, metallic silver
 and black acrylic paint.

I glued the tree with a strong adhesive, E-6000. 
Then glued the bike onto the tree and ground.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Clay Covers Accordion Book

Hello Makers!

Today I am sharing a little, fun and easy project. An accordion book with inspirational words/phrase. I made the book covers using white Makin's Clay, mini GEO cutters and whimsicalness. I used scrapbooking paper that I've had for years for my pages. Or you can paint/ink/stamp a background onto watercolor paper. Add motivational words/phrases, affirmations. Don't want to use words, then make mini photo album by adding pictures of your children, family, loved ones. Check out my detailed tutorial on the Makin's Clay blog.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Unchain My Heart - Assemblage

Happy Valentine's Day!

Altered clock frame assemblage piece I call 'Unchain my Love'. Made the heart out of clay. The chain and mini lock are real. Just love this mini lock, it's so stinking cute. It really work too, it came with a working skeleton key. Happy heart day and hope you like my assemblage piece.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Steampunk Bottle

Just love altering glass bottlet. The possibilities are endless. I altered this awesome Tequila 1800 brand bottle; just love the shape. I used polymer clay to make the faux sheet metal and metal embellishments; gears, porthole.