Thursday, August 14, 2014

Be Yourself - Mixed Media

One of my many favorite quotes is from Oscar Wilde..."Be Yourself Everyone is Already Taken". Growing up, didn’t it seem like all the adults seemed to tell you to be "oh honey just be yourself" and somehow that would make our world much better...ah the pressures of being a kid and fitting in.  Somehow if Oscar would have told me that as a kid, I would have definitely done it with confidence because he dared to be himself. He was so much himself that it led him to many trials and tribulations in his life, as well as moments of great inspiration that resulted in him writing great plays, stories and poems. My favorite being ‘The Importance of Being Earnest”. He was a great writer born ahead of his time.  Now about this Oscar Wilde inspired piece.

I used a piece of cardboard box as the canvas. The background is made out scrapbooking paper, lace, drywall tape, paint and textured honeycomb shapes. I used homemade textured paint and honeycomb stencil. Also as part of the background, I peeled back some of the cardboard revealing the corrugated center that all boxes have to create a cushion. I like the corrugated look because it give this tattered wall look. Furthermore, I like to contrast the tattered wall look with lace, which I added to the torn edges. I stamped the text. I decided to create faceless woman out of paper, which I believe one could interpret their own emotions. Her dress is a mini collage made out of different pieces of scrapbooking paper and lace.  I used a little flower with a pearl in the center as a sort of buckle for her sash.  I used pearl trim to make her necklace.  I used Prima and Recollections flowers. The ribbons is made out hemp string.

Since Oscar Wilde was Irish, I say ” Slainte (cheers) to you Oscar Wilde!”


Monday, August 4, 2014

Dwell in Possibilities - Mixed Media

Hi Everyone! One of my favorite quotes is from Emily Dickinson's poem titled "I Dwell in Possibility". This phrase always inspires me. There are many interpretation to this poem. It sounds like she is comparing two houses to poetry.  The two houses could be thought of her real life (uneventful and powerless for a woman in the 1800s), and her dream life (where anything is possible). The two houses could also be thought of Poetry versus other type of prose. Some think it's a sad poem, some think it's a happy poem. I think it's a positive poem. I did a mix media to honor this motivational phrase. However, I chose to say "possibilities" instead, not sure why, but just liked the way it sounded.

I used cardboard back from a used up notebook as the canvas. I used K and Company scrapbooking designer paper and some bling as the background. I love ribbons…so I felt compelled to use for the lettering. I stamped the words on a blue ribbon. Wrapping the ribbon is a hemp string with a lock and key. The lock and key is meant to be symbolic that you hold the key and lock to your dreams. I added some flowers from Recollections with some pearls embellishments as the center. I also added some K and Company puffy sticker butterflies. As the layers I have an antique clock, more scrapbooking paper and burlap. Here is to you Emily….