Sunday, October 26, 2014

Message in a Bottle

The first recorded messages in bottles were released around 310 BC by the Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus. Columbus put messages in sealed casks in case he did not survive his first voyage to the New World, he survived the trip, but the casks were never recovered (wonder if they are still in the ocean). Today we continue to be fascinated with messages. We use as symbols in movies, books, art and of course craft. I too am fascinated by message in a bottle and decided to make whimsical craft piece.

How it's made

I got these heart shaped bottles from Michaels, then I stamped a message on a red ribbon.  The ribbon is glued to the cork top. I used StazOn permanent acid free ink. I tried other types of inks like pigment inks, distress inks, and the letters bled, making the word look blurry. I used the tight knitted type ribbon, it absorbs the ink better. I tried stamping on satin ribbons with the different types of inks and the no matter what ink I used, it bled as well. I tied a nice silver ribbon with a key to add a nice touch. I also got other shape bottles and stamped messages on other color ribbons. I think these would make nice whimsical gifts that can be customize Valentine's Day, Anniversary, birthday or any to other occasion.


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