Sunday, November 23, 2014

Corky Craft

My craft today is a bit corky. Yes, I made craft out of corks. I made a business card holder and picture holder out of corks. I like to occasionally go the Virginia Vineyards. We have over 225 vineyards and they are great, watch out California!! This summer at one of the vineyards, I asked for corks...Wow! Ask and you shall receive. They gave a big bag full of them. So I decided to make art out of it. There are so many cool things you can do with corks. I have so many more ideas for the cork, but my grand plan in the future is to make a huge wine bottle pouring wine into a glass.

How it's made

I used a hot glue gun to fastened the corks together. For the business card holder I wanted to hide the hot glue between the corks, so strung hemp string between the cork pieces. I  really like how it looks with the hemp string. I felt that added an artistic, nautical type look.  For the picture holder I also wrapped the corks with hemp string to make it looked like it's tied together. I used 22 gauge wire to make picture holder. I glued wooden embellishment letters with word "Family". The cork that is in the center, is a cork I cut into fourths with serrated bread knife, which by the way is the only cutting device I found that cuts through corks. Just in case, the pictures are not of my family, they stock photos. Enjoy my corky art.

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