Saturday, February 21, 2015

Live Simply-Shadowbox Mixed Media

What does it mean to live simply? Does it mean that one has to live in a remote cabin in the woods  with no electricity, running water, internet and grow your own food. Our ancestors lived such primitive lives; I have to wonder if they were happy and were their lives simple? Given our fast paced, electronic centric world, to me, to live simply means to not overly complicate your life outside your normal existence (e.g., family, kids, job). It means to smile, be nice, laugh at the smallest things and yourself, be polite, avoid drama, avoid toxic people, leave toxic situations or environment, share, have empathy, meditate (or pray), and smile again. All simple actions and they are free. I wanted to express my sentiment with a theme that makes me think of a simple life; nature. Specifically, a bird's life; it's a simple, beautiful and straightforward kind of life. They build their nest, care for their young  and sing.

How it's made

The shadowbox measures 6x6 and it's made out of wood. I decoupaged it using imported handmade Thai banana leaf paper; just love this paper. The nest is made out preserved twigs that I got from the craft store. The eggs are made out Primo clay, painted in acrylic, using a combination of colors: green, blue, aqua, mother of pearl. I love locks, keyholes, and keys; so I had to use it here (you will see that a lot in my work). A nest is a bird's home, so I felt it would be cute to add human qualities to the birds home by adding a keyhole. The letters are made out laser cut chipboard from Dusty Attic and have been painted with the same color scheme as the eggs; I felt that it brings the piece together. I added cute little Prima paper flowers.  Hope you enjoy it, and remember to just live simply.



  1. Live simply .... is good to read but its very difficult for practical in life. As i purchased baby stroller for some one so this is not simple in life its a luxury part of life.

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