Monday, February 2, 2015

Life is a Beautiful Ride - Shadowbox Mixed Media

The Buddha once said; we are our thoughts. Therefore, our thoughts create our reality and we can also choose the life we wish to live. We can choose to view our life as tough, or as one nice beautiful smooth ride.  A beautiful ride through the park where there are no bumps in the road, lots of sunshine, bright and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, and where families are enjoying their picnics. Okay, I got carried away with my metaphor…it’s bitter cold here in the DC right now (in the teen and 20s right now), so I was having warm thoughst.

How it’s made
The shadowbox is a wooden reverse canvas. I painted the whole canvas with blue acrylic paint, as to make you think of sky all around. The bicycle is an embellishment made out of resin, which was also painted in acrylic paint. The bushes and little flowers is painted with pearl acrylic paint. The paint is from Martha Stewart; I really like her pearl paints. The tree is made out of 22 gauge wire, then I decoupage it with book paper, then painted with gesso, and finally I painted it with brown acrylic paint. The little “life is a beautiful ride” label is made out paper and words were stamped with black Staz-On ink. The entire piece is sealed with Modge Podge spray acrylic.

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