Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Opportunity Knocks - Mixed Media Canvas

Hi Everyone!

Knock! Knock! Whose there? Opportunity. Wouldn’t it be nice, if great things came our way easily. The sad truth is that they don’t and we have to work really hard at making things happen. And there are times that despite trying hard, blood, sweat and tears we come up short again and again. Yes, this is demoralizing and upsetting. You can do two things, retreat or make something happen using a new game plan and instead of working within an established perceived parameters or establishment, we look outside them and create our own opportunities.

How it’s made

I started with an 11x14 canvas. The entire piece is made out Dusty Attic chipboard shapes that have been altered and painted. The background, case you can’t tell, is supposed to be a house’s outside wall.  The background is painted using several colors; orange, burnt sienna, brown, white, yellow and a tinge of red,  I wanted this Tuscany Villa type color. The bricks is made from chipboard, Dusty Attic brand; they were painted with red, brown and white. The grout in between the brick is Modeling Paste. I used a palette knife like a trowel to smooth out the Modeling Paste between the bricks. The door did not come with a door knob, so I had to make my own out of polymer clay. The door’s wrought iron bars and door knob have been painted with brown, burnt sienna acrylic paint and bronze pearl powder. The pearl powder gives this aged and distressed look. The door was painted in green and white gesso. For the door, bricks and background I applied used a dry brush technique using gesso. I think it gives this aged distressed look.

So remember, if opportunity does not knock, build a door and paint it whatever color you want…

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