Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tommy Breaks Free - Book Sculpture

Hi Everyone!
Today I bring you an art piece that is unique, a book sculpture. First, I would like to deeply apologize to the book purists. I was looking for a book at the thrift store when the title of the this book "Liberty" inspired this piece. I quickly imagine some guy whose been in prison for a crime he did not commit trying to break free. I imagined his anger and agony and him breaking out of the book. Just so you know the story in this book is not the same, it's totally different story.

How it's made
I started by cutting out the center of the book with an Xacto knife. Since Tommy was going to breaking out, I wanted it to look like the pages were ripped out. Once I cut them out then gave it naturally ripped look.  Tommy is made of polymer clay and decoupaged with the pages from the book. I made the handcuffs out of clay and chain and painted using brown and bronze colors.

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