Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Key to my Heart - Mixed Media Shadowbox

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you love…at least in the form of art.  Key to my heart is such a fun theme to work with and for a while I’ve wanted to create an art piece using this theme. So finally the inspiration came to me and a came up with this cute shadowbox. So in order to explain the inspiration behind this piece, I need to get real for a minute. Anybody will tell you that any matter of the heart is simply complicated, despite the countless experts who write and talk about it.  Having said that, "simple and complicated" is what I wanted to show in this piece. The light teal color is supposed to be clear skies, a simple backdrop. In the center is an oversized heart with a tiny key in the opening of the heart and the ladder used to reach the key. These symbols represent the challenges and obstacles we run into when dealing with love and how we are always reaching and trying to win at love.

How it’s Made

I started by painting the entire shadowbox with gesso, then I used  teal acrylic paint for the outside. I used a mixture of Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic paint colors Mother of Pearl and Aquarium. The inside is decoupage with purchased handmade paper. The paper’s original color is a bluish/teal color with swirly thingies. I used Lindy’s Gang Stamp shimmer spray paint Tibetan Teal and Don't Eat Golden Snow on the paper to match the outside paint a little better. I thought that if I used acrylic paint on the paper, it would completely cover the paper and really wanted to show the beauty of the paper. The heart is made out of FIMO Polymer clay and paper mache. However, instead of using newspaper I used paper towels. I like the indented texture of the paper towels. The heart is painted using Martha Stewart red pearl color. The key is a jewelry charm. I made the ladder out corrugated cardboard and painted using a Martha Stewart Satin paint called Puddy. The entire Shadowbox is is sealed . Hope you enjoyed my shadowbox....now, go tell someone you love them.

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