Thursday, December 17, 2015

Beaded Embroidered Metal Key - Jewelry Pendant

Hello Everyone,

Before I begin to discuss this project. I have a confession to make. I have a problem...I have crafting ADD. I like to try everything dealing with making stuff and is creative. So earlier this year, I started taking jewelry making classes at my favorite bead supplies store; Off the Beading Path in Occoquan, VA. Sometimes I'll craft multi-task; while I am waiting for the paint on my art pieces to dry, I am making a bracelet. This project is something I made as part of a class and finished at home. This pendant is a metal key that has been embellished with beads, which has been sewn onto leather.       

How it’s made

I started by gluing the metal key, using E-6000 onto Nancy's Stiff Stuff. It's stiff fabric that feels like lightweight chipboard, except you can easily sew through with a needle and lies flat. For reinforcement, I also stitched the key to the Stiff Stuff. I used Fireline beading thread; it's fine, but super strong. I just love this brand of beading thread. I then sewed the 11o green and bronze seed beads onto the Stiff Stuff using a back stitch technique. The bail is made using a peyote stitch. I then glued the project onto a suede fabric, using E-6000 and cut along the edge of the piece. Suede absorbs sweat and protect the stiff stuff.  In order to conceal the glued pieces of fabric, I stitched, some beads along the outside edge. Look the pictures closely, you can't even see the fabric. Lastly, I added a chain. I wear this piece with my brown, green, creams and even purple (good contrast) clothes. In case you try it, happy beading.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hot Chocolate Christmas Mug - Paper Craft

Happy Holidays!

Today I bring you a holiday cheers with holiday theme craft; paper mugs for hot chocolate. I made these to give to my my co-workers.  It’s a cheap, quick and fun craft for all ages.  Check out the various version I made.

How it’s made

First I cut out the mug using a template I got from internet. If you do a search you will find several version of the mug. I decorated and embellished the mug with paper, colored textured gel medium, black 3D pearl paint from Viva (great brand, btw), hole puncher, ribbons and stickers. You can add marshmallows and/or candy cane too, instead of using hot chocolate packets, soup, coffee or apple cider packets can be used intead.