Thursday, January 28, 2016

Zipper and Bling - Altered Bottle

Hello Everyone!

So lately I have developed this new art obsession, altering perfectly good wine bottle. Yes, I do enjoy fine too short for cheap wine. In making this piece, I was reminded of  a Latin quote "en vino veritas" , in wine is truth. So my true self felt inspired to create art with wine bottles. You could also think of as reuse what would of been discarded materials to create another product.

Just before my altered bottle obsession hit, a friend of mine was trying destash her goodies gave me a lot of zippers and amongst other cool stuff. I was trying to find something to do with zippers. There's all kinds of cool things you make with zippers, like making necklaces, brooches, bracelets, etc. Then I got this idea to create a treasure in a bottle concept using the zippers.

How it's Made

Started by decoupaging the entire bottle with paper, also made sure the zipper was included so that it looks like one piece. I used painted swirls, free hand, with puffy paint and let it dry overnight. I then the bottle black to include inside the zipper, minus the metal. I then applied Silver Rub 'N Buff Amoco, with my fingertips. I tied a black ribbon on the neck area. I added decorative chain with matte Czech beads. I wire-wrapped the beads and used jump rings to secure on the chain. So now I have fundamental question, is a wine bottle, or an art piece?  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Metal & Lace - Shadowbox

Hello Everyone,

I like contrast in art. Of course, contrast can be conveyed in various ways. I decide to experiment with contrast using metal and lace only. I had not theme in mind really, I usually try to have a message in my art. In this case just wanted to focus on contrast. So how's my contrast?

How it's made

The box is a wooden shadowbox that has been painted with gesso only. I glued different types of lace inside the entire box. I used various metal embellishments from Fab Scraps, Recollections and CK and Company. All the metal pieces were painted with gesso, then silver paint, then a little bit of silver rub and buff.  I also added some bling and off-white and silver pearls. Hope you enjoy my little contrast shadowbox experiment.