Saturday, January 16, 2016

Metal & Lace - Shadowbox

Hello Everyone,

I like contrast in art. Of course, contrast can be conveyed in various ways. I decide to experiment with contrast using metal and lace only. I had not theme in mind really, I usually try to have a message in my art. In this case just wanted to focus on contrast. So how's my contrast?

How it's made

The box is a wooden shadowbox that has been painted with gesso only. I glued different types of lace inside the entire box. I used various metal embellishments from Fab Scraps, Recollections and CK and Company. All the metal pieces were painted with gesso, then silver paint, then a little bit of silver rub and buff.  I also added some bling and off-white and silver pearls. Hope you enjoy my little contrast shadowbox experiment.

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