Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stitched Hearts - Shadowbox

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you love, not the good kind, but the kind of love that hurts. My art piece I would like to share is a stitched heart shadowbox.  To me, this piece begs the question…How do we mend a broken heart? I just want to answer with, first pick up the pieces, take that experience and embrace it (hence sew the pieces back). I believe that from this action alone you get a renewed sense of perspective. No matter how bad of an experience we have in life, no experience is ever wasted, there is something to be learned.   

How it’s Made

The shadowbox was painted using a mixture of acrylic paints: blue, mother of pearl, white gesso, yellow, and cream. The heart is made out of Polymer clay, sanded down to give it that smooth look, and painted with red paint. I used black Staz-On ink for the black shades. I poked holes where the stitches would go, and once the clay was baked, I drilled 5/16 of inch holes, enough to fit my string. Love that drill, makes nice round, smooth holes. For the stitches I used real black string. Remember to embrace adversity.