Saturday, April 9, 2016

Seize the Day - Reverse Canvas

Hi Everyone,

Today I bring you a small reverse canvas piece called "Seize the Day". Today is Saturday, a perfect time to seize the day and enjoy the things that make you happy. For me that things that make me happy is crafting, my cats, listening to music and ruminating on all the artsy things I can create. How do you seize the day?

How it's Made

I used the back of a 5" x 7" canvas and made use of opening for a window. I covered the wood and canvas with newspaper, then painted it. The bricks are made using Dusty Attic chipboard. I used textured paste for the crevice. The vase and flowers is made using StazOn Studio Glaze from Imagine Crafts. This paint creates a dimensional stained glass, plastic effect. I first shaped the wire to use as a frame, I then filled it with the Studio Glaze. This paint is very thick and will tay in place wherever you place it. I placed the piece on a plastic sheet; as the paint will not stick to plastic, allowing you to pick it up. The letters is made using the Studio Glaze too. The Studio Glaze needs to dry for at least a day. The background of the canvas painted with yellow, brown, white paint. Remember to Zeize the day.

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