Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Faces - Altered Bottle

Hi Everyone,
 I'm still loving altering bottles and have made yet another altered bottle project. What inspired this piece is "zippers". I have a whole bunch of zippers that my friend gave me. I don't know why, but I  wanted to challenge myself to make something with using a zipper. I'm always ruminating on art ideas I want to create, with any media that strikes my fancy, but could not come up with anythong. So one day, I was at the clay dept of my local Craft store and ran across these face silicone molds, used to make dolls...OMG! that's it, I am going to make faces coming out from a bottle. A zipper is the perfect artifact to portray meaning. I like how this piece turned out, the face have this peaceful look about them; I feel calm, until I begin to ruminate again...

How it's made

Step one, drink the wine, cool! Done. Step two, clean the bottle. Then the fun began...well it might of began when I was drinking the wine. At any rate, I proceeded to glue the zipper on the bottle, then decoupaged it with black mulberry handmade paper that had string intertwined into the fibers, cool paper. The faces were made with black FIMO Soft polymer clay. I rubbed silver Guilder's Paste and Inka Gold Silver Paste to the bottle and the faces. I like both brands; Gilder's has a more vintage look, while Inca has brilliant look to their pastes, both together work out nice. The bright silver paste adds to the dimension when used on raised areas.  The bottle stopper is made of wooden knob and glued to a cork that goes up the surface of the bottle's opening. I had to cut the cork with serrated knife to fit flushed with opening. I thought I'd glue the cork so that I won't risk it falling into the bottle causing the bottle stopper to come off, it probably did not needed.  I hope you enjoy my faces altered bottle.