Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finnabair Weekend Class

I know this post is long over due. So in July I took a series of #Finnabair classes at The Queen's Ink in Savage Maryland. First, I must discuss The Queen's Ink, being that I only discovered this store in July, by word of mouth and have not blogged about it. It is truly and mixed media artist's paradise; whether you are scrapbooker, card maker, painter, or all around do mixed media crafting, you will love it. I mean everything about this store is awesome; the store is nice, the classes are fabulous (great artists), good product selection, the staff, and owner are super nice and very knowledgeable about everything in the store and all teach classes too.  Patty, the owner creates a nice, comfortable, relaxed environment and is forever supportive of everyone. I think it has become a refuge for a lot of us who got there to shop or take classes.

Now back to the Finnabair classes, she Signature Designer for Prima Marketing. I took all the classes offered on Sat and Sun. When you take a Finnabair class everything is provided by Prima #primamarketing. They give you a generous amount of supplies, lots of metal and resin embellishments goodies, canvas, clock, use of Prima paint, gels, mica powders, brushes and more. Long after the classes was over I still ended up using my supplies for other projects and of course ended up buying more supplies. I've been using other Prima products for three years now; the flowers have been my fave and I used them in my art. All of Prima and Finnabair products are simply stunning and fun to work with. I found Finn to be nice and patient will all us. Well enough of my love sick weekend with Prima and Finnabair. I will now show you the projects I created.

This is the altered clock. I call this piece Father Time, it's  the feeling it gives me. Love all the goodies we were given to make this.

This a book we altered using Rust Effects paint from Finnabair's Art ExtraVagance line. I carved out the pages and made into a keepsake box instead, I did this at home, you need to do this slowly and patiently. The pages have been glued and sealed together using Finnabair's Sculpting Medium (not used in class, but learned about this product during this weekend. It is used to stiffen fabric and had bought for this very reason. I tried several gels and glues. I found this to be the best product for gluing the pages; it's very strong and formed the pages similar to a cast for a sculpture consistency, without warping the pages.  

This is the Flaming Heart Triptych project. This is the piece that made fall in love with the Opal Magic Powders, specially the gold one. I literally use it on everything, it's how I finish my projects. Love that super fine shimmer, it's finer than regular mica powder. I tried in Resin on mulberry, love the effect in Resin. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Steampunk - Altered Bottles

Hi Everyone,
I have issues. I have crafting ADD. I like to create every type of arts and craft. I like to craft using different materials; paper, wood, clay, glass, wire, you name it. I also like different styles; shabby chic, grunge, cute, Steampunk and other undefined styles. Lately, I've been curious about weaving (not sure if basket, wire, or fiber), just like the idea. I might just create something using weaving. As long as it involves creating, I'm my point.  Oh, about this piece. I made two Steampunk bottles using a wine and classic Coke bottles and polymer clay. Everything is made out of clay, except for the gear, they made out of metal and were baked in with the clay. I hope you like steampunk bottles.