Saturday, September 10, 2016

Steampunk - Altered Bottles

Hi Everyone,
I have issues. I have crafting ADD. I like to create every type of arts and craft. I like to craft using different materials; paper, wood, clay, glass, wire, you name it. I also like different styles; shabby chic, grunge, cute, Steampunk and other undefined styles. Lately, I've been curious about weaving (not sure if basket, wire, or fiber), just like the idea. I might just create something using weaving. As long as it involves creating, I'm my point.  Oh, about this piece. I made two Steampunk bottles using a wine and classic Coke bottles and polymer clay. Everything is made out of clay, except for the gear, they made out of metal and were baked in with the clay. I hope you like steampunk bottles.

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