Thursday, November 10, 2016

Purse Shaped Paper Greeting Cards

I don't consider myself much of paper type crafter; one that uses paper as their main medium, that is, like stampers do. I do use paper once in while in my art though. So every year I make one of these purse cards, where I include gift card for my three sisters'  and aunts' birthdays, all who are out of state, so shipping is cheap. O decided to make several of these purse shaped greeting cards to have on hand, for when someone's birthday arises, specially if you out at the last minute. Or if you're invited to a birthday party and you don't know the person with the birthday, which happened to me twice already. I would of felt bad not giving that perfect stranger something. So my little purse was my little gift to two perfect strangers this year. I was told by one of them, when I went to her birthday the following year (of course, she no longer is a stranger to me), that she has my paper purse card in her office still...aaww, yes I was touched. These cards are blank on the inside; you know, to write a sentiment and include a gift card, if desired. I like them so much, that decided to include them in my Etsy shop as well.

How it's made

For this description, I will provide with a high level description since there are so many to describe and they are all unique; all were generally made in the same fashion though. I used various embellished designer card stock paper from the craft store. I used a template to trace the purse shape, then cut it with scissors. I embellished the cards with rhinestone stickers, pearl stickers, paper, lace, glossy accent (to add dimension), paper punched shapes. The straps are made of different ribbon types and have been fastened with glue. A tiny velcro, placed on the inside is the closure. Hope you enjoy looking at my little paper purses.

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