Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sandee and Amelie Steampunk Challenge

Hi Makers,
  Today is the last day of 2016 and just a few hours left until 2017, I wanted to end the year in more of a creative fashion. I decided to enter another creative challenge at the last minute. This is the SanDee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenge for December 2016. I just discovered this site, I would of entered sooner. At any it goes...I am entering my steampunk bottle.

How it's made

I started out with a wine bottle. I cut pieces of chipboard into various shapes and glued them unto the bottle. I did have to wet the chipboard so that it bends. I made the screws and rivets out of polymer clay, which I baked then glued to the bottle. For some of the rivets I used 3D paint by Viva; for this I had to lay down the bottle straight and let the paint dry for several hours or overnight. The stopper is made of using Apoxy clay, this clay air dries rock hard. I adhered metal gears to the Apoxy clay.  I then painted everything with black Gesso and Gilders paste. The clock is a metal clock charm, which I have sealed with Glossy Accent, to make it look like the glass on a clock.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Creative Embellishments Challenge-Gears Steampunk Tree

Hello Makers!
  Today I am sharing my Creative Embellishments Challenge creation for December 2016. I know it's pretty late to be making Christmas theme stuff or is it too early for Christmas 2017? I decided at the last minute to enter this challenge and thankfully the deadline is the last day of the month. I have been using Creative Embellishments fabulous chipboards for my Steampunk projects and let me tell you I totally love them. I have never entered a creative challenge, so here it goes...I decided to make a Steampunk tree using the chipboard gears.

How it's made

I used two gears of each size; 1.5", 1.25", and 1". The tree top is also a gear that I cut leaving only the center. I have also fastened to the center of the tree top, a screw brad.  I ran a 16 gauge deadsoft wire through the center and large hole beads in between the gears. The tree base is a nutlock from hardware store; feel it adds to the industrial look. I filled the nutlock with polymer clay and baked with the nutlock. The clay holds the wire in place. For stability, the wire has been shaped into a spiral shape at the bottom of the base. Everything was painted with black gesso and Gilders Metallic paste; Foundry Bronze, Bronze and German Silver.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Floating Teacup-Flowers Spilling Out-Altered Art

I like sculptural art that creates an illusion, that is surreal. In my mind and notes I've had several ideas to create such art. I have not executed some of those ideas because I have not been able to figure out the technique and best materials to use. However, as I create other art projects, get ideas though, I think. I will create them eventually. I did attempt one of those projects. I made this floating teacup with flowers spilling out of them. I did not have use my own teacups, I bought the cup and saucer from the Thrift Store.

How it's Made

I used 16 gauge galvanized steel wire. This wire is way stronger than the dead soft 16 gauge jewelry wire. I don't even think dead 16 gauge jewelry wire will hold up the teacup. The galvanized steel wire is very tough to bend; so, big, strong pliers is very necessary. Do not use jewelry pliers, it's not rated for this kind of wire; they are guaranteed to break. I know, I tried. The nice thing about this project is you don't have to do too much wire bending. I used one long wire, folded to three times.  You can also use spoon or fork; bend the ends and glue onto the ceramic. The ends are shaped at roughly 90 degree leaving about 4 inches. The extra wire is bent into a spiral type shape. This to provides more surface area for the glue to adhere to the ceramic. Also, it adds stability. I used Goop Plumbers glue. The cup and saucer needs to be propped in place with something and  dry overnight. I glued several rocks on the saucer to keep it from tipping over, the cup will cause this...what can I say, gravity. Of course the rocks are nicely cloaked by the flowers. Phew!That was the hard part, then comes the fun part, to embellish it.

To embellish the teacup and saucer start by covering the wire with either green flower tape or green tissue paper. Or just wrap with masking tape and paint it green. Then glue the leaves and flowers ensuring the wire is completely covered.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Flamed Winged Heart - Shadowbox

Today I am sharing my shabby chic (ish) Flamed Winged Heart shadowbox. These flamed hearts are from Prima Sandra Everston Relics. They have been very popular, it seems to me. I've seen people's art work using these heart published in art magazines, on the internet and Sandra's website is just awesome to visit, lot's of inspiration. What I like about this product line, you get a package of various "relics" and you assemble to your heart's desire...use the wings, don't use the wings. I am fond of teal, not so fond of pink, but they go together so well. If I were to do this project again, I would so go all steampunk on these hearts, I would use metallic paint, gears, rivets, faux screws.

How it's made

I prepped the heart, flame and wings with gesso, makes it easier for the paint to stick, then painted the heart with Golden Paint teal and Finnabair metallic teal. I also wrapped about 12 inches of 11o gold seed beads and glued in the back to the neck portion of the flame's neck (that's funny, the flame has a neck) get the point. The compass is made using various parts. I used a round filigree, chipboard letters and a metal arrow.

For the flowers, I started out with Finnabar and Recollections white paper flower and sprayed them with Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays, then brushed them with Luminarte's Baby's Breath mica powder. I love the pale pink it gave the flowers, such a shabby chic color. I was trying get the same pale pink color effect on the rest of the piece, but it did not work, because of the surface, seems to only work paper surface. The clocks are made of chipboard and metal, which have been painted with bronze mica power using a glaze. The cute mini apothecary bottle, contains Finnabair Mica Flakes, to give a magical feeling to the piece, I think.  

The shadowbox has been stenciled and painted with Golden's teal, Finnabair metallic teal and Martha Stewart teal. I know sounds crazy. This is what happened I painted with Golden's teal because of its deep pigmentation abilities, it makes your piece pop, but it's also too dark of a teal. So on top of I added pale teal by Martha Stewart and I topped it off with Finnabair metallic teal because I wanted a little bit of shimmer. Inside the box, I used a small jewelry box to prop up the heart and added dimension. Since the box is hollow I filled with paper towel. On the outer edges of the jewelry box I added lace and swirly chipboard. Throughout the piece I have added gold mica flakes. Hope you enjoy this project.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Create Yourself - Mini Shadowbox

One is constantly creating themselves, one way or another. Sometimes, on purpose and at times, our circumstance forces us to create (or recreate) ourselves. I like the quote "Life is about creating yourself"; it's motivational and artistically...makes for a great visual. I like little sewing accouterments; vintage spools, scissors, zippers, dressforms, textile, etc. I don't why, I don't even sew, I just find them fun. Given my fondness of sewing accouterments and this quote...well inspired this mini shadowbox as well as my original Create Yourself shadowbox project, but it's bigger, 8 X 8 inches and 2.5 inches deep. This one is 6x6 inches is one inch deep.

How it's made

I used a 7 Gypsy shadowbox. I used real bobbins, thread, buttons, zipper, fabric, needle and lace. I also made use of my my sewing themes necklace charms; mini threads, thimble and scissors. I made the dressform out of polymer clay and it's embellished with Ice Resin enamels, thread, lace and pin. The little openings have been embellished with mulberry paper, Ice Resin Enamels and covered with Ice Resin from Ranger.  The accouterments in the bigger opening are all embedded in Ice Resin, except for the Apothecary bottle and dressform. This is one of those few projects where no paint was used.