Friday, December 2, 2016

Create Yourself - Mini Shadowbox

One is constantly creating themselves, one way or another. Sometimes, on purpose and at times, our circumstance forces us to create (or recreate) ourselves. I like the quote "Life is about creating yourself"; it's motivational and artistically...makes for a great visual. I like little sewing accouterments; vintage spools, scissors, zippers, dressforms, textile, etc. I don't why, I don't even sew, I just find them fun. Given my fondness of sewing accouterments and this quote...well inspired this mini shadowbox as well as my original Create Yourself shadowbox project, but it's bigger, 8 X 8 inches and 2.5 inches deep. This one is 6x6 inches is one inch deep.

How it's made

I used a 7 Gypsy shadowbox. I used real bobbins, thread, buttons, zipper, fabric, needle and lace. I also made use of my my sewing themes necklace charms; mini threads, thimble and scissors. I made the dressform out of polymer clay and it's embellished with Ice Resin enamels, thread, lace and pin. The little openings have been embellished with mulberry paper, Ice Resin Enamels and covered with Ice Resin from Ranger.  The accouterments in the bigger opening are all embedded in Ice Resin, except for the Apothecary bottle and dressform. This is one of those few projects where no paint was used.

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