Friday, December 30, 2016

Creative Embellishments Challenge-Gears Steampunk Tree

Hello Makers!
  Today I am sharing my Creative Embellishments Challenge creation for December 2016. I know it's pretty late to be making Christmas theme stuff or is it too early for Christmas 2017? I decided at the last minute to enter this challenge and thankfully the deadline is the last day of the month. I have been using Creative Embellishments fabulous chipboards for my Steampunk projects and let me tell you I totally love them. I have never entered a creative challenge, so here it goes...I decided to make a Steampunk tree using the chipboard gears.

How it's made

I used two gears of each size; 1.5", 1.25", and 1". The tree top is also a gear that I cut leaving only the center. I have also fastened to the center of the tree top, a screw brad.  I ran a 16 gauge deadsoft wire through the center and large hole beads in between the gears. The tree base is a nutlock from hardware store; feel it adds to the industrial look. I filled the nutlock with polymer clay and baked with the nutlock. The clay holds the wire in place. For stability, the wire has been shaped into a spiral shape at the bottom of the base. Everything was painted with black gesso and Gilders Metallic paste; Foundry Bronze, Bronze and German Silver.

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