Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Floating Teacup-Flowers Spilling Out-Altered Art

I like sculptural art that creates an illusion, that is surreal. In my mind and notes I've had several ideas to create such art. I have not executed some of those ideas because I have not been able to figure out the technique and best materials to use. However, as I create other art projects, get ideas though, I think. I will create them eventually. I did attempt one of those projects. I made this floating teacup with flowers spilling out of them. I did not have use my own teacups, I bought the cup and saucer from the Thrift Store.

How it's Made

I used 16 gauge galvanized steel wire. This wire is way stronger than the dead soft 16 gauge jewelry wire. I don't even think dead 16 gauge jewelry wire will hold up the teacup. The galvanized steel wire is very tough to bend; so, big, strong pliers is very necessary. Do not use jewelry pliers, it's not rated for this kind of wire; they are guaranteed to break. I know, I tried. The nice thing about this project is you don't have to do too much wire bending. I used one long wire, folded to three times.  You can also use spoon or fork; bend the ends and glue onto the ceramic. The ends are shaped at roughly 90 degree leaving about 4 inches. The extra wire is bent into a spiral type shape. This to provides more surface area for the glue to adhere to the ceramic. Also, it adds stability. I used Goop Plumbers glue. The cup and saucer needs to be propped in place with something and  dry overnight. I glued several rocks on the saucer to keep it from tipping over, the cup will cause this...what can I say, gravity. Of course the rocks are nicely cloaked by the flowers. Phew!That was the hard part, then comes the fun part, to embellish it.

To embellish the teacup and saucer start by covering the wire with either green flower tape or green tissue paper. Or just wrap with masking tape and paint it green. Then glue the leaves and flowers ensuring the wire is completely covered.

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