Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vintage Journey-Guest Designer-X Marks the Spot Assemblage

Hello Makers!

I am so excited to be a Guest Designer for Vintage Journey for July; the theme is "All Squared Up". My make is an assemblage piece I call "X Marks the Spot". Wanna know how I turned a simple Thrift store frame into an art piece, visit the Vintage Journey for the detailed stepouts

For this project I used a square Thrift store picture frame from my stash. Actually the square frame inspired my piece. The frame had layered squares, so I wanted something to contrast the squares, and I wanted to use another shape. I used a circle and inside the square and inside the circle, well who knows, perhaps a mystery.

Original Thrift Store frame

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Makin's Clay DT Project - Decorative Bowls

Hello Makers!

Today I bring you my Makin's Clay® Design Team project. I have made small decorative bowls. These bowls can be used to store small non-edible objects, like rings or simply use a decorative pieces to accent your home. It also makes a great gift for any occasion.  The really nice about polymer clay is it's flexibility; giving you endless possibilities for surface design. You can make your own markings, or us a stamp or anything with texture really. To learn how to make these fun bowls visit the Makin's Clay®  Blog. To learn more about Makin's Clay visit the Makin's Clay® product site. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Key to Nowhere - Canvas

Hello Makers!

Do you know where you keys are? Me neither. I never know where my keys, cell phone and scissors ever are located at any one point.

Speaking of keys, when I was making this canvas, I wanted to use keys. I love using keys in my art, but I mostly use it to fill in white space. This time I wanted to make it my focus...and started thinking what keys represent, so much there to explore. In my case, I was exploring that I lose them all the time. Is that a thing? Lol, it is now.

How it's made

I used an 8x8 canvas. I first decoupage it using book paper, then glued the tag, corrugated cardboard and metal numbers. I then added texture paper, and sand texture paste. The embellishments (gears, arrows, key) were painted separately, using rust metal paint oxidation method. I painted the canvas using several layers of acrylic paint, starting from the lightest to darkest color, listed by order; Gesso, Titania White (in between layers), Buff, Red Iron Oxide (looks like rust), Teal, then a tiny bit of Payne's Gray. I hope you like my canvas.

I am submitting this canvas to the Vintage Journey "Canvas" June Challenge

Mixed Media and Art June Challenge

Monday, June 26, 2017

Industrial Journey-Travel Assemblage

Hello Makers!

This month's challenge theme at the Canvas Corp Brands (CCB) #ccbchallenge is "Urban Travel" and got inspired by the moodboard. Then I started thinking about the places people go to get away from it all; the beach, the country, the mountains, or other urban cities. Been to at least one of each and I find them all fascinating. Heck, I find that staying home and doing art is is a nice retreat within itself.

I made this 8x10 assemblage piece, I call "Journey". The buildings are made of corrugated cardboard and CCB Architextures Juque Pack-Garage. Architextures are stickers with vintage images. The Garage pack I used contain images of facades of industrial, grungy buildings. I blended the image with the cardboard using molding and sand texture paste to make it look like one piece and then painted with acrylic paint. For the windows I used gears, where I used Gilders paste.

I am submitting to the following challenges:

My Journey Assemblage 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Love Never Rust-Assemblage

Hello Makers!

Love. Such a complicated topic.There are tons of song, movies, paintings, poems, books on the topic, it never ends...I tell ya. Unless humanity and even animals stop feeling love, it will continue til to the end of time. Yet, me and and countless other dreamers will never stop creating stuff around love and hearts. So when I saw the Challenge on Words and Paintery for this month; the theme is "Old Love Never Rust and the colors are green/blue patina and rust"....well to say the least, I was smitten and inspired. It involved love (hearts, yeah) and patina and rust (crazy love there). I decided to create an assemblage piece.

I sculpted the heart using Makin's Clay® No Bake Polymer clay; I cut the center out and used black paper for the base. I used a cigar box for the substrate. Used cardboard, chipboard and metal gears, and metal arrow. The green patina and rust is metal paint and oxidation solution from Modern Masters.

I added gears inside the heart as well as outside; symbolizing the work required in any type love relationship. The arrow is the cupid's arrow (love struck). The patina and time and change everlasting. But through it all, love prevails. Sheesh! enough romanticism Iris, onto the challenge.

                                  I am submitting this project to the following challenges:

I am also submitting this project for a spot on the 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Makin's Clay DT Project - Steampunk Pencil Holder

Hello Makers!

Father's Day is around the corner; a day to honor our dads. Make him a gift, that is not only easy to make; it's inexpensive, functional, can be used at home or the office and most of all, it's pretty cool. Make him a Steampunk/Industrial Pen & Pencil Holder using a tin can and Makin's Clay®. To learn how it's made and learn more about Makin's Clay®, visit the  Makin's Clay®  Blog.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Colorful Creations DT Blog Hop

Welcome to the Colorful Creation’s 'I Love Summer' Blog Hop. You should have come from Indiana's Blog. If you have stumbled across this by chance and want to play along then you can head back to the Colorful Creations site to start at the beginning and to start collecting your challenge words. On each DT member’s blog, you will find a unique word that corresponds only the DT member, whose blog you are visiting.  The goal is to visit each member’s blog and collect each word to complete the quote.  Once you have completed the quote, please leave it in the comment section of the Colorful Creations Blog Hop post.

Iris' unique word is "THE"


My make is a collage painting, I call 'Laundry Day'. It's a bright summer day and clothes are hanging outside to dry. I have childhood memories growing up in the Southwest; I used to run around between the laundry hanging on the clothesline, as if playing tag with the clothes...silly I know, but it was fun.

Remember to play along in our hop challenge to win the wonderful prize from our sponsors, Let’s Get Sketchy and Crafty Chic Designs!

Thank you so much for visiting with me on the hop, next up on is Tania Ridgwell, Tania's Creative Space blog.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts-Time Watchers

Hello Makers!

Sandra Evertson, Relics and Artifacts is holding her annual Relics and Artifacts Talent Search #RATalentSearch. The goal is to make a project using the Resin Blanks; the winner gets published in Where Women Create, a Stampington Magazine. I decided to submit a project. I enjoy making assemblage work in the first place, so the competition is a plus.

I decided to make a clock with the Visage Resin Blanks. They are faces and I find them fascinating. I like the idea of art that one can peek through; it's as if the artifacts are holding a secrets. I also like to make up a story and add meaning to my art. So here it goes; the little guys in the clock are ancient gods whose mission is to watch time; they ensure that the natural order of things...well stay in order. They make sure that no one messes with time and space continuum or else chaos may ensue. The blue patina and bronze was inspired by bronze statues of Greek and Roman gods.  If you see another meaning; that's cool too. I just hope you like my Time Watchers Clock.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Steampunk Keepsake Box

Hello Makers!

One of my favorite genres is Steampunk or as others prefer to call it, Vintage Industrial. I like both labels. I like to make Assemblages, bottles and keepsake boxes. It's fun making art in this genre because there are no rules (well almost); there is no right or wrong way and it's liberating because you don't feel the fear of messing up (well, when compared to say....watercoloring). If anything, you just want grunge things up. What I also like about Steampunk is the spirit of recycling or if you prefer "upcyling", using discarded objects and giving it a new life. As the matter of fact, you are not a cool kid if you don't make your Steampunk projects from discarded objects, so I hear...just teasing.

I decided to make a Steampunk keepsake box from a cigar box that I got my local tobacco shop for free. I used cardboard to make the sheet metal. The cardboard is part of the packaging from all the crafting goodies I order online. Also used a blown out car fuse (the faux power apparatus), clock face, and plumbing hardware (clock face cover). The gears are made of chipboard and metal.  I made the rivets and screws from dimension paint and polymer clay, for the exception of a few screws; they are brads. I have also painted the inside with acrylic paint. Because the lid was too heavy it was causing the box to tip over. So I needed some kind of lid holder. I tried using a couple different metal box lid holders (they look like arms) from the hardware store, but they were too big for the box. I ended up using a necklace chain and real screws as the lid holder; worked like a charm. Hope you like my Steampunk keepsake box.

I am submitting this project to several challenges


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ruler Necklaces-Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

Wanted to share my latest make using Makin's Clay®. So earlier this month I had made small canvas for Mother's Day called "Mother's Rule" using stamped Makin's Clay®.  I had leftover rulers, so I decided to make necklaces out of them. Visit the Makin's Clay Blog to view how this project was made, or see images on my blog.

How it's Made

To see how the rulers are made, visit the Makin's Clay blog. I drilled holes into the ruler and set the eyelets, using a regular hardware drill bits. However, I did it manually, no need for power drill; polymer clay in general is soft enough to manually drill trough it. Plus, I'm a little afraid of power tools. The eyelets' opening is 1/8 inch and 2 mm in depth. By adding eyelet it strengthen the hole and keeps the clay from breaking. Plus it makes the pendant aesthetically pleasing. I added the jump rings and 1.5 mm and 2 mm leather cords. I made one of pendants, kind of fancy, by adding wire wrapping.

To make the spiral wrapping, I took a pen apart and used the inside thingy that houses the ink (not sure what it's called), it was the perfect size though. I wrapped the wire in a spiral motion around the ink holder thingy, in essence, I used it as a mandrel. I then fastened the wire to the ruler by wrapping around twice and tucking the tail in back of the ruler. I used silver, round spacers and glass beads for embellishments. Hope you enjoy my little ruler necklaces.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Colorful Creations DT - May Mid-Month Challenge-What Inspires Me

Hello Makers!

My Design Team project at  Colorful Creations for Mid-Month; the challenge theme is "What Inspires You". Art inspires me always; all forms and media. So I decided to make an assemblage piece with an art theme and the words "Art is the Answer". If you feel happy, inspired; your muse may be calling and it's perfect time to a put brush to canvas. If you are feeling down. Well, start doing some intuitive painting, or simply start scumbling on a canvas. In end, you just might get a pleasant surprise or something questionable that makes your head scratch and possibly laugh, see there, your spirits have lifted. Okay, enough art philosophizing, onto the challenge.

About the Challenge "What Inspires You"

What inspires you to be the creator you are, what inspires your creativity, your goals dreams, what or who keeps you grounded. Think of a person, place, music, season, etc. Create something that inspires you. Along with who inspires you, use your favorite embellishments!  Get more information on the challenge by visiting the Mid-Month Challenge site at Colorful Creations.

Mid-Month Colorful Creations Moodboard

How it's made

The substrate is a cigar box, which I have stenciled, gessoed and painted with various acrylic colors. I used discarded brushes, that also have been gessoed and painted. I sculpted the paint tube using polymer clay and have stamped the words "art". The black "art" letters are Tim Holtz Typography letters, they have a 3D look and quite a bit of depth. The rest of the words were printed on paper. Hope you enjoyed my assemblage and tell us what inspires you.