Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Makin's Clay DT - Wear Your Crown Assemblage Shadowbox

Hello Maker!

Today I would like to share my Makin's Clay® Design Team project.  I have mentioned in my blog that I am fond of quotes and like to them include in my art. For my project this month, I decided to make little assemblage shadowbox, using the quote "Always wear your invisible crown" and have created a theme, that goes with the quote. To see the stepouts, visit the Makin's Clay® Blog,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Unlock Your Dreams Canvas

Hello Makers!

Today I want to tell you all about my dreams, well....more like you show you my dreams. So this canvas was inspired by the More Than Words and 13 @rts Challenge #53 mood boards for this month. At More than Words, the challenge is Black and White, plus one color and the word is "Dream" and at 13 @rts, the theme is 'Freedom'. So the word dream, got me thinking about my own real dreams. I dream a lot, and I actually remember my dreams. No kidding, every morning I wake saying, "I had this crazy dream..." In my dreams I see some colors, symbols, shapes and people, but not significant details (normal in dreams. I suppose), yet feels that there is movement, though. So I was going for that same effect in this canvas.

How it's Made

The canvas is 8 in. x 8 in. I did more of a collage type of thing. I used a handmade, but store bought specialty imported papers; they feel like very tough tissue paper. I keep buying these type of papers, cause they are sooo cool looking, with no thought as to what do with them, since I primarily work with acrylic paints, mica sprays and stencils. In everything I do, I keep auditioning them, and lately, all kinds of ideas have come to mind. I have used to them with sprays (they are very porous), as background, as an accent. See, all you gotta is play around with stuff, like they say. The butterfly is made of chipboard and a metal key. The swirls and birdcage are also chipboard. The clock is a metal clock bezel, with real watch hands. I used stencils within the various layers and have also used corrugated cardboard. Well, I hope you enjoy my 'Unlock Your Dreams' canvas.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Follow Your Bliss Canvas

Hello Makers!

Happy Easter everyone! In order to keep up with all the silly rabbits this season (get the pun, lol), I decided to make a whimsical girl with rabbit ears. I have to admit, I recently learned how to draw whimsical faces, inspired by Jane Davenport's whimsical girls. Right now my whimsical girls look a bit wonky. But wonky is good according to Jane, it's what gives them character...will keep practicing, see how they keep evolving.

How it's made

I drew my girl with a graphite pencil, and Prismacolor Colored Pencils on watercolor paper.  I used Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst and Magical as watercolors. The face was the only thing painted with acrylic paint.  I colored the background  and flower with Magical Shabby Turbine Teal, part of Industrial Chic set. The dress was colored with Magical Rusty Lantern Lime. For the ears I used Cotton Candy Pink and Cosmopolitan Pink. I stamped the words using Staz On ink.

I am submitting this project to the following challenges:

Colorful Creations DT - Apr Mid-Month Challenge - Hello, My Name is

Hi Makers!

My Design Team project for mid-month is a whimsical girl. At Colorful Creations the challenge for mid-month the is called "Hello, My Name is". The idea is to create a project using only items that start with the first letter of your first name. So for me, my name Iris, the letter "I"-  used Indigo and Ivory as the colors, used Iris flower on the girl's hair, and the girl has Indigo Iris eyes. So come on and join the challenge, there will be prize awarded to the winner, visit the Colorful Creations website for more information.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Industrial Vase Wall Hanging

Hello Makers!

Lately, I have fallen in love with Patina. I like creating patina effect using several methods, they all serve a purpose too; whether it's using acrylic paint, using metallic waxes, or using the metallic paint with acid system (a little more costly and tricky), but fun. I made this piece using found objects, cardboard, washers, miniature liquor bottle, embellishments and cigar box lids is the substrate.

I am also submitting project to the following Challenges:

Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenge for April

Creative Artist, Challenge #25

Altered Ecclectics, April Challenge

Finnabair  and Friends Open Studio Facebook Group, Designers' Fav Challenge.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Be Egg-cellent Canvas

Hello Makers!

Today I bring you a Spring, Easter eggcellent canvas. This canvas was inspired by the color moodboard for the Lindy's Stamp Gang April challenge. I happen to also like word play. So in my little canvas I have a little springy, colorful scene a with bird nest and eggs and the word "eggcellent", I know it's a little goofy, but I like it.

How it's made

I used the backside of a 5"x7" canvas. I wrapped the canvas with handmade, tissue like paper. I colored the background with Magical Shabby Turbine Teal, just love that color. This is in the Industrial Chic set. The swirly chipboards are from Creative Embellishment and the diamond chipboard us from Um Wow Studio. The green on the canvas was colored with Magical Rusty Lantern Lime, also in the Industrial Chic set. For the pink roses and diamond chipboard I used Cotton Candy Pink and Cosmopolitan Pink, for the white colors I used Creme Brulee Cream. For the blue butterfly and flower I used Azure Sea Asters. The nest is made of jupe and the eggs are made polymer clay and painted with teal acrylic paint. Just remember to always be eggcellent.

I am also submitting this canvas to the following challenges:

Lindy's Stamp Gang Moodboard for April

My three items are the three eggs in the nest.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Colorful Creations DT - 1 Apr - This is Me Challenge

Hello Makers!

Today I bring you my Design Team project for our 1 April "This is Me" Challenge at Colorful Creations. I have to admit I never used myself as the subject in my art; it was a wee bit uncomfortable, but once I got going it was fun and fearless.

Join us on this challenge at Colorful Creations. 
 The challenges is all about you, that's right all you have to do is create a layout using a photo of just you! Come on from behind the camera! Come on, you can do it!!!  Visit Colorful Creations site for more information and learn about the prize.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Makin's Clay Design Team

Hello Makers!

I bring you good news today. I am excited to be part of the Makin's Clay Design Team 2017-18. Makin's Clay is a no bake Polymer clay, it is air dry; great alternative to oven-bake type polymer clay. Follow Makin's Clay blog for upcoming designs from the team.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Beautiful Beginnings - Canvas

Hello Makers!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone! Today I bring you a Springy project, I call it 'Beautiful Beginnings', which, I will be submitting to two challenges.

This month's Canvas Corps Brands (CCB) March theme challenge is "Rebirth" #ccbchallenge, celebrating Spring. Over at More than Words, the March Challenge is "Beautiful and Butterfly". Taking these two themes together, made me think more about spring as well as getting warm, being that's still cool out east. So Spring is the season of rebirth, which not only gives us beautiful flowers and plants, but also that feeling of hope, pureness and renewal.

I was looking through the products on the CCB site. The soil illustration on the Mixed Media Origins Bloom Mistable paper caught my eye. It prompted a surreal like imagery in my mind. I imagined flowers and plants coming out of its carefully arranged opening to the outside world. So, I decided to attempt to create my Spring project with a little sense of surrealism using a zipper.

How it's Made

For my project I made a collage using fussy cut images from the Tattered Angel Mixed Media Origins Mistable Paper 'Blooms' and 'Harvest Moon' #tatteredangels and CCB Spring Showers Papers- 'Spring Garden', 'Spring Flowers Reverse on Ivory' and 'Butterflies on Ivory'.  To color my piece I used Glimmer Mists; 'It's Yellow'English Ivy' and 'Capri Blue'. For the soil I used Chalkboard Mist 'Decandence'. Wanted to add more of a soil like texture; with a palette knife I spreaded Golden Matte Medium Gel on the soil image. Additionally, I used several layers of Golden glaze with Decadence and 'It's Yellow' mists and because the Gel medium and glaze are clear, it allowed the illustration's soil cracks to show through, providing depth, which I like. On the 'Blooms' paper, I cut the opening for the zipper, then glued the paper down to the canvas, excluding the zipper's opening. The zipper was glued next, then glued down the the opening. Hope you enjoyed my project.

 Canvas Corp Brands Mood Board for March

More than Words Mood Board for March

My Beautiful Beginning Canvas

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Coral Flower Zipper Altered Bottle

Hello Makers!

For the month of March, Lindy's Stamp Gang the color challenge features beautiful corals, green and beige. I was so torn as to what I wanted to create because so many springy things came to mind, specially with the snow we've been having (at least in the east coast). So I created my very own spring flowers in a bottle, no message in it though. Unless, this piece speaks to you, lol! Hope you enjoy it.

How it's made

For this project I used all the colors from the Lindy's Stamp Gang March 2017 Spray Set. I started out by covering the entire bottle with white tissue paper and gluing the zipper. The top layer is wrapped in beautiful handmade paper (purchased from the art store), it's thicker and finer than the regular tissue and will stand up to the sprays really well. The bottle was colored with Merci Beaucoup Mint and Kissin' Kenickie Coral

The flowers are made of paper and were store bought. and used all the colors from March Spray Set.  The butterflies are made of paper; used copper wire for the antennas and dimension paint for the body and have been colored with Merci Beaucopu Mint, Cape Cod Coral and Clam Bake Beige sprays. The lace was colored with Cape Cod Coral. The stopper is a door knob that I got from the $1.50 bin at the craft store. The knob has a long screw. I screwed the knob into a cork and stuck it back into the bottle.

Lindy's Stamp Gang March Challenge Mood board

My Springy Altered Bottle


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Colorful Creations DT Monochromatic Challenge

Hello Makers!

Today I bring you my Design Team project for our 15 Mar Monochromatic Challenge at Colorful Creations, Laugh as Much as you Breath Mixed Media canvas. This piece was inspired by our theme. To me working in monochromatic colors brings a sense of emotion and the color gray came to mind. I believe gray can bring about a sad, somber, pensive and reflective feeling.

Join us on this challenge at Colorful Creations. All you have to do is select any color you want and stick to that color for your entire creation. Visit Colorful Creations site for more information and learn about the prize. 

Laugh as Much as you Breathe Canvas

Friday, March 10, 2017

Button and Wire Windblown Tree

Hello Makers!

Spring is about to spring...soonish (at least in the East Coast, that is); flowers bloom, birds come back, trees turn green. Well as it so happens, my tree has sprung too, except it sprouted green buttons and because it's so windy today, it has gotten a little windblown. 

Okay, hokie intro I know. My make today is a wire tree with green buttons for the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge 'button" theme for Mar. When I saw this I got excited because I have a lot of buttons of every color. My friend, who sews costumes, was destashing and gave me a ton of buttons, at the time, I had no idea what to do with them. I like making wire trees and have used beads as leaves see my wire tree blog post. So I thought I'd do the same with buttons. 

How it's made

To make a wire tree, recommend using dead soft, color coated jewelry/crafting wire; it's nice bendable wire. Recommend using 24 gauge; below 24 begins to get a little tough on your hands to bend and above 24 begins to gets brittle. The hardware store wire will be tougher even if the same gauge as it tends not be dead soft. For this project, I wanted a slightly thicker tree, so I used 22 gauge; bending manageable for my hands, however, I could not make a trees with 20 or below gauge, way too tough.

Begin by cutting individual wire pieces. Whatever size tree you desire, you will need to cut individual wire pieces twice the length. So for instance, if you want a 6-inch tree, the wires will need to be 12 inches, as is the case with my tree. Plan out how long you want your roots too. You will need roots to wrap around a base like a rock. In my case here, I wrapped them around a button. This measurement assumes from the beginning of the trunk to the top of the tree; does not include the roots. The thickness of the tree will be determine the amount number of individual wire pieces needed. For this tree I used 36 pieces. I have done trees using 72 pieces of 24 gauge wire. Recommend not using pliers, for it nicks the wire, just use your hands. In some rare instances you may need to, then use it carefully. 

Take all your wires, split them in half, then twist them together; this is your trunk. Leave untwisted wire for the roots. To make the branches, randomly take two sets wire pieces, vary the amount and twist them together, going about half or third of the end the wire, then stop. Take a branch and repeat this process throughout, always leaving some untwisted wires, this becomes part of branch and vary how far up you twist, as nature is random. To add a button, select one individual wire and insert into button holes and twist to secure it in place. If you want the windblown look simply twist all the wires toward one direction, also twist part of the trunk. 

For the roots, I twisted them around a small button; use this same process if wrapping it around a rock. I then used a covex button to the hide the roots. For the base, I used a huge coat button. I secured the tree to the buttons with a smaller gauge wire, 24 gauge by wrapping the wire in between roots, down to the through buttons, twisting then end and hiding the tails. Twisting the individual wire pieces to make the branches can get tedious and does not require a whole lot concentration, recommend watching television when doing this step. Really hope you enjoyed my little windblow tree. 

Mixed Media Monthly Mood Board

My Button Wire Tree