Friday, January 6, 2017

Shabby Chic Caged Heart - Creative Artiste Challenge #22

Hello Makers!
I am entering my Shabby Chic Cage Love Shadowbox to the Creative Artiste Challenge #22. I totally love hearts and birdcages as a theme in art. I think they classic and can be used in just about any genre. Really quick, what this piece means to me. The heart trapped in a birdcage represents love and humanity...we all have love in us, some of us express it and some do not. Well, today I send love to all.

How it's made

The Shadowbox measures 6" x 6" and it's made out wood. The box has been painted with gesso, teal acrylic paint, mica powders and metallic paint. The box's background is made using lace and teeny tiny paper flowers. The box holding the cage is made of cardboard. The sides of the smaller box have been stenciled and painted. I used a Graphic 45 metal door knob embellishment.

The cage is made using 18 gauge dead soft jewelry wire; I used four pieces, which I bent in half making eight sections. The base of the cage is made of Polymer Clay. I drilled holes in the clay to run the wire through. I hung the cage onto the box by running wire on the topside of box. I twisted the wire so as to tighten up the other pieces of wire. On the topside, I taped down the wire, so it does not stick out. I did not want the wire show either, so I covered with texture paste and painted over it. I glued the cage base on the back side onto the smaller box; so that it won't move.

The heart is made of Polymer Clay and painted with red acrylic paint. Because it's hard to stand up a heart in a cage, I used lace to prop up the heart and around the lace I wrapped 3 mm pearls; for added interest.

Across the bottom of the box is a wired laced piece, which is made by running one long piece of 24 gauge dead soft jewelry wire through the lace in a zigzag manner. I have also, weaved 8 mm pearls into the lace. I used eye hooks to attach the wired lace. I hope you enjoyed my Caged Heart project.

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  1. Wow! Such a lot of work has gone into this gorgeous piece! Love how it is so dimensional. Thank you for joining us this month at Creative Artiste, Jane (DT) :) x