Monday, May 15, 2017

Colorful Creations DT - May Mid-Month Challenge-What Inspires Me

Hello Makers!

My Design Team project at  Colorful Creations for Mid-Month; the challenge theme is "What Inspires You". Art inspires me always; all forms and media. So I decided to make an assemblage piece with an art theme and the words "Art is the Answer". If you feel happy, inspired; your muse may be calling and it's perfect time to a put brush to canvas. If you are feeling down. Well, start doing some intuitive painting, or simply start scumbling on a canvas. In end, you just might get a pleasant surprise or something questionable that makes your head scratch and possibly laugh, see there, your spirits have lifted. Okay, enough art philosophizing, onto the challenge.

About the Challenge "What Inspires You"

What inspires you to be the creator you are, what inspires your creativity, your goals dreams, what or who keeps you grounded. Think of a person, place, music, season, etc. Create something that inspires you. Along with who inspires you, use your favorite embellishments!  Get more information on the challenge by visiting the Mid-Month Challenge site at Colorful Creations.

Mid-Month Colorful Creations Moodboard

How it's made

The substrate is a cigar box, which I have stenciled, gessoed and painted with various acrylic colors. I used discarded brushes, that also have been gessoed and painted. I sculpted the paint tube using polymer clay and have stamped the words "art". The black "art" letters are Tim Holtz Typography letters, they have a 3D look and quite a bit of depth. The rest of the words were printed on paper. Hope you enjoyed my assemblage and tell us what inspires you.

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