Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts-Time Watchers

Hello Makers!

Sandra Evertson, Relics and Artifacts is holding her annual Relics and Artifacts Talent Search #RATalentSearch. The goal is to make a project using the Resin Blanks; the winner gets published in Where Women Create, a Stampington Magazine. I decided to submit a project. I enjoy making assemblage work in the first place, so the competition is a plus.

I decided to make a clock with the Visage Resin Blanks. They are faces and I find them fascinating. I like the idea of art that one can peek through; it's as if the artifacts are holding a secrets. I also like to make up a story and add meaning to my art. So here it goes; the little guys in the clock are ancient gods whose mission is to watch time; they ensure that the natural order of things...well stay in order. They make sure that no one messes with time and space continuum or else chaos may ensue. The blue patina and bronze was inspired by bronze statues of Greek and Roman gods.  If you see another meaning; that's cool too. I just hope you like my Time Watchers Clock.


  1. Fascinating piece I love it!!!

  2. Love this. Would love to find a suitable clock and have been looking for ages.

    1. I use this clock, which is a Prima Finnabair frame. I have also created with the Tim Holtz Clock, if you look in my Gallery under Assemblage you will find my altered clocks. I am just mad about clocks for no reason.