Friday, July 21, 2017

Wonky Squares Pendant-Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

Today I am sharing my Makin's Clay pendants. Makin's Clay is an air dry polymer clay. I used Christi Friesen's Strata texture stamp, just love that stamp. The silver pendant has been treated with Silver Gilders Paste and the other has been treated with Christi Friesen's Swellegant; Copper Metal Paint and Tifanny Green Patina.

As part of the design, I have cut out some of the squares and behind it I used silver and copper mesh wire. What's behind the wire mesh, mystery...I don't know why, but I like the idea of making art where you are peeking in. It's like as if the objects have a secret inside. Okay so you may not wonder its secrets, but it sure does make for a fun, whimsical pendant though.

The Stepouts

This is Christi's Strata Texture stamp.

Run the clay through the pasta machine to get approximately 1/8 inch. Place the clay on top texture sheet, or place the texture stamp over the clay.  Use the clay roller to roll the clay and transfer the design.  To get an even look, turn the texture stamp 90 degree and roll again.  

  Cut out the squares

Measure the mesh wire on the pendant, then cut the wire. 

Makin's clay is air dry clay. So all you have to do is glue the mesh wire to the clay around the edges.

 Now you need similar shape as the pendant for the backing. Trace the pendant on a plain sheet of clay and cut with a knife or scissors. Glue the top and bottom shapes and smooth out the edges. 

Adding the Bail

Make bail out of clay, or glue a metal bail behind the pendant. Or poke a hole though the top area of pendant with a toothpick and run a 2 mm leather cord through it. I did one of each. 

Let the pendant cure for 24 hours. 

Color Pendant as Desired

For the metallic look, I use Gilder's paste. Suggest painting it with black Gesso; helps to give it a distressed look (because of it's gritty nature) and the wax adheres better. Simply rub the wax with your fingers or cotton cloth. 

To get an aged metal copper patina look Swellegant does the job. Suggest following Christi's instructions on how to use it. Christi has the best tutorials ever.