Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Watercolor Flowers ATC

Hello Makers!

I have a quick project to share. Lately I have been experimenting with watercolors, something I've never done before. Why now, because of my affliction, Crafting ADD. So far I've been playing with them trying to get the feel of them and have made some other projects in my Art Journal; whimsical flowers, houses and strange fantasy creatures. I will share those later, when I get brave enough. For now, I'm sharing my little flower ATCs.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Capture the Moment Collage-CCB Guest Designer

Hello Makers!

I am so excited to be a Guest Designer on  Canvas Corp Brands (CCB) for the month of August. Please visit the CCB website and blog and check out their fabulous products. I had won the June challenge and my prize was CCB prize pack and Guest Designer spot.

My CCB prize pack included the following:
Canvas Corp Heirloom Sewing on Ivory 12 x12 paper
Canvas Corp Heirloom Cameras on Ivory 12×12 paper
Canvas Corp Scissors on Ivory 12×12 paper
Canvas Corp Stretched Natural Burlap – 4 x 4
7gypsies Atchitextures Short Base Clock
Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist London Fog

A couple of days before receiving my prize pack, I had watched a documentary movie called ‘Flamenco Flamenco’ on Netflix. It's a beautiful show featuring Spain’s best Flamenco dancers and singers. The costumes, the dancing and stage scenery was all so mesmerizing. The stage scenery had this sunset earthy moody skies and classic flamenco paintings in a Flemish like style.

My collage was inspired by 'Flamenco Flamenco' and August CCB challenge theme is "The movies".  The vintage cameras paper right away prompted a theme in my mind ‘capturing the moment’.  Just loved the Flamenco dancers and their expressive faces and movements; captures intense much drama and emotion. Just then I knew how I wanted to capture the moment in my piece.

The stepouts

I used a 300 gsm (140 lb) watercolor paper. I colored the background using Tattered Angel

I printed a copy of a dancer circa 1900 and painted the clothing with watercolors

I  first auditioned all my pieces. Then applied the images from the Architextures™ Parchment Rub-On - Pose. The images of the women on the parchment paper remind of the Flamenco dancers; their hair pulled back and vintage look. Then adhered the Architexture Short Base- Clock. Then glued the dancer on top of the clock. I added gold Stickles on her jewelry and bronze stickles on her hair adornment. I then added the vintage camera and stamped a few more images and text. 

I wanted to create a little drama of my own. I added embroidery thread that extends from the dancer’s hand to the camera, denoting…well “capturing the moment”. For this, I used metallic embroidery thread. There is a little planning involved in this step.

I first had to determine the placement of the embroidery thread. I created a pattern on tracing paper and reason being is that pencil lines and erase line look unsightly. I then used a pointy sharp tool, used for clay sculpting, to poke the holes into the paper. The thread will break off if you try to stitch without the premade holes. I tied a half hitch knot on the back and added glue to the knot, as the metallic thread is slippery.

I had a blast making this project and playing with my CCB goodies. I hope you like my project.    

Friday, August 11, 2017

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining - Assemblage

Hello Makers!

Today I bring you a ray of hope; in my 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining' assemblage. This saying has been around since around 1634; first found British literature and still relevant today. I made this piece using Makin's Clay® Water Drop cutters, clay and a wooden substrate. I had so much fun playing with the cutters that I wanted to cut a whole bunch of water drop and glue them on my wall to make it look like its raining inside...teasing. But seriously, to find out how make this inspirational assemblage, visit the Makin's Clay® Blog where you find detailed instructions and pictures.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Free Your Mind

Hello Makers!

Recently I was listening to my 90s rock, grunge and pop CDs. I still have them. Although, these days, all my music is on my iphone. Listening to my CD tantamount to listening to your vinyl records in 80s and reminiscing on the 70s, lol!

I was playing En Vogue's song 'Free You Mind'. It's  a positive song about not judging people, opening your mind to other possibilities. I was a young girl when litsening to this song and it was the first time I heard this phrase and it always stuck with me. In a way, it motivated me. A line from the song is "Free you mind and the rest will follow". I find harmony in the idea that possibilities beyond what we could fathom exist.

So this song inspired this project. I made this project using Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts Visage resin blanks, the back of a canvas, chipboard, gears and for the background I used Makin's Clay. I enjoyed making my winged girl, that I think I want to make more but in color next time. Below are some pictures, stepouts and challenge entry list.


I used the back of a 6x6 canvas, which I painted with black gesso.

Used one of the pieces from the RA resin blanks Visage pack, a chipboard butterfly from Creative Embellishments and metal filigree.

I first auditioned my pieces in the box. I like to stamp my words on tissue or tracing paper to determine size and position. I do this whether I add the words with a paper or clay.

I cut the butterfly in half and glued to the face. Added texture paste to help the wings stick to the face, since there is little surface area between them.

I bent the filigree to fit the shape of the nose and glued to nose bridge. Not shown in this picture, but in the end I decided to add a piece of copper mesh wire between the filigree and face.

For the background I used Makin's Clay, an air dry clay. Start by running the clay through the pasta machine to get approximately 1/8 inch. Place the clay on top texture sheet, or place the texture stamp over the clay.  Use the clay roller to roll the clay and transfer the design.  To get an even look, turn the texture stamp 90 degree and roll again.  

I decided to cut the clay, wanted these grooves. 

Stamped the words onto the clay

Before adding the clay to box, let the clay cure for 24 hours.

After the clay cured, I added a little bit of texture with Finnabair's graphite; has a sandy feel. I then painted with everything the box and background with black gesso, so that the metallic wax adheres better.  I also painted the gears, face, filigree with gesso. I then added Gilders Paste, used the following colors: Bronze, Patina, Foundry Bronze, Silver, Inca Gold, and German Silver. You can add the paste with your finger or cotton cloth. Then glued all the pieces. At the very end added Finnabair copper micro beads.

Challenge Entry

I am submitting to the following challenges

Explained the word inspiration and lyrics at the beginning of the is post.

I was inspired by the colors, wings and timeworn textures on this moodboard.