Tuesday, September 19, 2017

ATCs- Four-Week in Review

Hello Makers!

For the last four weeks I have participating I have been Mixed Up Magazine Mixer Artist Trading Card (ATC) prompts challenge. This is Facebook group where we share our creations. About a month ago they started weekly ATC themed prompts. This effort will be for one year. I will try to follow the weekly prompt make my ATCs and post four weeks of ATCs at a time on my blog. It's neat little way to stay in a creative flow by making small, quick pieces of art. So here it goes.

Week 1 - Make Some with newly purchased art supply. 
At the time I had just purchase watercolor and been experimenting with it, turns out, I like it. Will post other watercolor creations as well.

Week 2 -  Make Coffee Rings
I made coffee ring, which I used as my background then created this abstract pieces.

Week 3 - Use Alpha/Numbers die cuts or stickers
I used color chipboard die cuts and created this abstract piece. Really I had no idea what to make.

Week 4 -  Favorite Poem or Song
On one of my ATCs, I used my favorite poem and quote of all time is from Emily Dickinson's 'I Dwell in Possibility'. On the other ATC, I used my favorite song from the band Disturbed 'Sounds of Silence'; an original Simon and Garfunkel song. 


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