Monday, October 9, 2017

Bronze Dress Clay Sculpture

Hello Makers!

I have great and exciting news. I will be in my first Art Gallery Exhibit. I will be part of biennial Artspace Gallery, Richmond, VA ThinkSmall 9! Exhibit Oct 27th through Dec 17th. In this exhibit, the art is 3 inches or less. All art will be on sale and it's to raise money for the gallery. Always like to support the arts.

I made a dress sculpture made out of Polymer Clay, using FIMO Professional Clay. I call this piece House Dress. Lately I have been obsessed with Dress/Figurative sculptures with architecture aesthetics, but with with a niche or opening. I like the idea of looking at an opening in art; it's as if there is something secret going on inside. I have made a couple of other dress sculptures using different materials; polymer and paper clay, paper mache, wire, plaster; like experimenting with different materials.

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