Friday, October 27, 2017

La Llorona-Weeping Ghost Clay Pendant

Hello Makers!

Halloween is around the corner and soon those tricksters will be at your door asking for their treat, you will get tricked or scared, or something like that. Scary things don't only happen on Halloween.

Most cultures have some kind scary folklore or story that have been passed down many generations, that never ceases to scare. For  instance, in Latin America, there exist La Llorona, or the Weeping Ghost. She's roam the earth looking for her dead children and is said she's always crying and screams "where are my children" and causes destruction to the living nearby.

Today I decided to make my own version of the La Llorona in the form of  Makin's Clay® pendant. I used  Makin's Clay® Earth Tone clay. I added a little bit of color using acrylics; Raw Umber and White and Blue Mica Powder. I hope you enjoy my little Llorona pendant.

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