Wednesday, October 18, 2017

One Heart Sculpture

Hello Makers!

Lately I have been into figure sculpting with clay. You probably saw my first sign of this on my Dress Sculpture post. I made this piece using FIMO Soft white Polymer Clay. I colored this piece using Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts products: VersaMagic Dew Drop Chalk Inks, Southwest 4-pack, Black Staz-On, Brilliance Moonlight White and Galaxy Gold, All-Purpose Ink -Vintage Wine and used Sponge Daubers, and Imagine Brushstix to apply the inks.

The project measures 5 inches in height and about 2.5 in. wide. I used a cotton ball, wire and aluminum foil for the armature. I sculpted and baked (cured) the armature first (kinda of the skeletal frame). During this phase, I carved out the window or niche. It's easier when the clay is raw and you can carve through the aluminum armature as well.  After baking, I sculpted the face, body, hair, window, bricks using clay tools. I then baked it again. 

I painted the entire piece with Gesso; this helps the inks and acrylic paint to adhere to the clay.  I then painted the face using peach acrylic paint. I antiqued the piece using Raw Umber acrylic paint by wiping off the high points and allowing the paint to remain in the crevices. This helps the give dimension.

I painted the piece using VersaMagic Dew Drop Chalk Inks colors with my fingers, sponge daubers and for the small areas, such as the face, I used the Brushstix. For the hair, body, and eyelids I used the VersaMagic Gingerbread color ink. For the lips and bricks I used VersaMagic Red Brick  For the heart I used All-Purpose Ink -Vintage Wine, Red Brick and Black Staz-One for the outline. I used the Brilliance Gold and White in conjunction with the Gingerbread color on the body.  Colored the window using VersaMagic Torquoise Gem ink. 

Always make sure to seal your project. I personally like using Satin Polyurethane, Sculpey's Satin Sealer or Preserve Your Memories (PMY) II.   

I hope you enjoyed my little sculpture.

Some stepout pictures

All the products I used for my piece.

The Brushstix are detailed sponge tools, perfect for painting small details such as teeny tiny lips on my sculpture. 

The Chalk inks can be brushed on with your fingers, make  up sponge or small daubers. The ink will not stain your fingers. You can easily wipe the ink off with a paper towel or baby wipe.

The All-Purpose Ink come in a small plastic bottle. It can be applied to an ink pad. For my purpose I used a small brush to paint my heart. 

I wanted to add dimension to the heart. After coloring the heart with the Vintage Wine and Red Brick inks  I added a black outline with a Brushtix and black Staz-On ink. 

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