Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Tree Pendant-Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

I did not have festive jewelry to wear to a Holiday Party this past Saturday, so I decided to whip up a Christmas Tree pendant using Makin's Clay®. Late Friday evening I remember about the party, then got busy making it. I got compliments from several people. One lady asked me to take it off  so she can see how it's made. I was happy to oblige.

I started out by extruding the clay from the Makin's Clay®,  Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder® - Disc #8; see my tutorial on how to use the extruder.  To make the tree; start with the base, by laying down a strip, determine width, then bend on one end. Then bring the strip across the top, while partially overlapping it over the strip that is already laying down. Repeat the process. As you move up the tree, narrow the shape. Add a long strip on the back center in order to hold down the strips. Using the Makin's Clay® Mini Geo Cutter Set, cut out a star and glue to the treetop.

To color it, I used Silver Gilder's paste, then sealed it with Sculpey Clay Sealer. It important to seal it, or the paste will rub off. I wire wrapped the beads around the tree, using 22 gauge silver plated wire. In between each bead I added a loop, which has been twisted two times; to keep from coming apart. The loops keep the beads from rolling around. I secured the wire in the back of the tree by twisting it several times. I glued a flat back bail and added a leather cord. Well, I hope you like my pendant and there's still time to make this stylish tree to wear to your holiday gatherings.


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