Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Real Lace and Clay Pendants

Hello Makers!

Just wanted to share a quick experimental project. I made these two pendant using a glass cabochon, real lace and two-part epoxie clay, brand, Apoxie Sculpt. You mix the two-parts; the clay and the hardener. The clay is then activated and begins to the action of curing. Work time is about one hour, then it begins to set. As result, you cannot save left over clay. The key is to mix the amount you need, easier said than done. This clay cures to a rock hard consistency and does not break. I like to use it in assemblage work, to adhere things together. You can blend into your found objects and make your art look and paint it; makes for a unified look...you know intentional. It's a little challenge to make sculptures with, since you have to work kinda of fast, but make for armatures for its strength.

Having said all this. One day, I was working on an assemblage piece and had left over clay. I could not save the clay, but hated the idea of wasting it too. So, I got the quick idea to make a pendant. Then I thought of the what, so I looked around at my crafting table frantically to see what I can use  before the clay began to completely set. Then it just came to me, to sandwich the lace between the clay and a glass cabochon. The clay does not alter the lace, just adheres to the glass through the holes in the lace. Love how it turned out.

Monday, April 16, 2018

100 Day Project - Abstracts - Days 6-10

Hello Makers!

I am still on my 100 Day Project journey making abstracts. These abstracts are for days 6-10.

Day 6 Abstract

Day 7 Abstract

Day 8 Abstract

Day 9 Abstract

Day 10 Abstract

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Abstract Emphera and Rust

Hello Makers!

So ecstatic to be a Guest Designer at Vintage Journey where April's challenge theme is Rust. For me it's always fun to do metal surface on unseemly surfaces like paper and clay. I made a minimalist, abstract, vintage collage canvas. I found this awesome ephemera papers that I did not want to alter, I just love everything original about it and wanted to preserve it, so I decided to collage it, without altering, with rusty paper and metal embellishments. 

A little about the ephemera. A while back while in the Virginia countryside I found original and in mint condition ephemera, in the form of hadwritten court warrants/complaints papers from the 1920s. I have to admit I read them all. It's was like reading the town's gossip or blotter report;  people stealing railroad spikes, domestic abuse and even people stealing chickens. 

To learn more about how I made this piece, visit the Vintage Journey site. While you are there, check out the rest rusty goodness projects.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sending Smiles Card - Imagine

Hello Makers!

Send someone smiles today with this pocket of smiles greeting card. At Imagine, the color for April is Mango, which is a soft yellow. The color inspired these happy faces, how natural is that, lol! I made this card with a happy face stamp, handmade envelope and colored it with Imagine's new ink Versafine Clair Warm Breeze ink and VersaMagic Mango Madness ink. To learn how to make this cute visit Imagine's Blog.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

100 Day Project - Abstracts - Days 1-5

Hello Makers!

I am embarking on a 100 Day Project. This is where you pick one artsy something and make it for 100 days. I chose to make abstracts. I make sculptural, 3D type art, but I also enjoy 2D work. I will create my abstracts on 9x12 inch heavy watercolor paper and will use mainly acrylics and at times will use watercolors, inks, charcoal, pastels, pastels, and oil pastel crayons. I will also use paper (for collaging), fibers, texture paste; love the texture and effects these elements create. Hope you like my abstracts.

Day 1 Abstract

Day 2 Abstract

Day 3 Abstract

Day 4 Abstract
Day 5 Abstract

Friday, March 30, 2018

Flower Altered Bottle - Imagine

Hello Makers!

Spring is in the air, the weather is nice out and the flowers are beginning to bloom. As it so happens, flowers are blooming out of my bottle too, lol! I altered a wine bottle and used Imagine products for  coloring the bottle and flowers. I used Imagine Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Sprays Grape Jelly, Lulu Lavender and Dandelion. I also stamped and embossed butterflies using Tuxedo Black Memento Luxe and black embossing powder. To learn how to create this beautiful project check out the Imagine Blog for stepout images and instructions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Copper and Blue Pendant

Hello Makers!

Copper and blue. Ever think of those colors together; they are stunning together. I grew up in the Southwest and was reminded of canyons and mesas with bright blue skies up above. I was inspired by these colors that I just had to make a pendant using these colors.

I made this pendant using bake polymer clay and Makin's Clay tools; 3 piece rectangle and round cutters and coils texture sheet from set H.

To make this pendant I rolled a sheet at the 2nd thickest setting then stacked two sheets. I textured the clay, cut out the rectangle shape. Using the rectangle shape as my center, I then cut out the the circle shape and baked the clay. For the surface treatment, I used blue acrylic paint in the crevices, and wiped paint off the raised areas. I then colored in the raised with Copper Gilder's Paste and finally wire wrapped beads and a made bail out of the same wire. I hope you enjoyed this pendant.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stir Things Up - Altered Spoon

Hello Makers!

Today I invite you to stir things up...don't go around causing trouble, now. What I mean is...do so with this altered spoon Makin's Clay project. I used a plastic spoon that I got with my soup from Panera...just love their soups, yummy! I covered the spoon with Makin's Clay, did a little stamping and texturing. I gave it a simple surface treatment with Imagine Inks. I embellished it by wire wrapping some beads around the handle. To get detailed instructions, along with images, please visit the Makin's Clay Blog.

Some stepout images. Visit the Makin's Clay blog to get more details

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Clay Wedding Ring Dish

Hello Makers!

Spring is nearing and the weather is getting nicer and around the corner is the wedding season. Although weddings happen all year round, June is a popular month for weddings. The origins of June wedding goes back to ancient times, the Romans celebrated the festival of the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter, who was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June. The Victorians celebrated June weddings because the flowers were in full bloom, which was used as wedding decor. Today, the month of June and generally the summer is simply a practical time of the year; kids are out of school, people go on vacation and of course the weather is nice. 

This month at Imagine we are featuring wedding theme projects and the color of the month is Pantone's Ultra Violet. So, for one my projects for Imagine this month I made a purple dish made of polymer clay and has been colored with Imagine's VersaMagic Inks and IrRESISTible. This dish can be used during the wedding to transport the ring down the isle. After the wedding, use it to store your rings and you'll always have a keepsake from your wedding day. Please visit Imagine's blog to get detailed instructions on how to make this cute project.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Steampunk Arrow

Got direction?

I do today...with my steampunk arrow. So one day I was walking through my local craft store when I noticed new section; a sorta chipboard section. They had large, small, well every size blank chipboard shapes, ready to embellish. I saw this arrow and immediately knew what I was going to do with it. See, you never know when the Muse will arrive. You could say it gave me a sense of direction (corny pun intended). 

This arrow measures about 12 inches in length and about 3 inches at the widest point. I have embellished with yet more chipboard; faux sheet metal, gears, and levers are all chipboard. The rivets and screws are metal though. Of course, added my fave go to steampunk surface treatment; metallic wax. Well, I hope you like my project and find direction in your life today.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Waterdrops Pendants

Hello Makers!

Today I have a quick, easy and very stylish project to share using Makin's Clay Waterdrops 3-piece Waterdrops Cutter Set. I like that little curvy waterdrop look to these cutters, makes things look whimsical.

For this project I used bake clay. For the thickness, I used two sheet of clay at the thickest setting on the pasta machine. I then cut out raindrop shapes using the largest and second largest cutter in the set.

I treated the pendants with Susan Lenart Kazmer's Ice Resin Enamels, design to use on metal, but works on clay. I used the torquoise enamel. To do this, the clay has to be baked. Place a piece of paper under the pendants to catch the excess enamel. Apply the adhesive designed for these enamels with a brush. Then sprinkle on the enamel, shake off the excess on the paper and put back in the container. Melt the enamel with a heating tool. I drilled a hole after enameling using a 1/16 drill bit. I did this manually; a drill is overkill and you will risk cracking the pendant.

It's a little tough handle the pendant with your fingers because of its size. I found it way easier to add a makeshift handle. This can be done with a needle, toothpick or precision knife, really anything that sharp and has long handle. Stab one of these tools to the back of  the pendant. Do so gently and not too deep, or you'll cut through the front. Now you have a handle and applying the adhesive and enamel becomes easier and more comfortable task. It's important that these pendants be sealed with a proper clay sealer or polyurethane or the enamels will scratch off.  Happy Creating!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

7gypsies Vintage Keys Necklace-Canvas Corp Brands

Hello Makers!

Today I am sharing my first Canvas Corp Brands (CCB) Design Crew project, a handmade 7gypsies vintage keys necklace. Really, this project is easy and stylish, I might say. I am fond of keys and use them in projects. I find them fun, stylish and inspirational. I am smitten with CCB's 7gypsies metal embellishments; they are solidly made and have an authentic vintage look. I was inspired to make a necklace, using the vintage keys set. Check out the CCB Blog to learn how to make this stylish project.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Copper Patina Bowl - Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

My Makin's Clay project this month is a patina and copper holy bowl. Keep in mind this bowl is not going to save your soul, but it can hold your trinkets though. I used Makin's Clay: mini GEO Cutter Set, Rollers and Cutter Set and white clay. To paint the bowl I used copper metallic paint and furniture and home decor patina wax from Art Minds. Please visit the Makin's Clay Blog to get detailed instructions and take a look around for more project ideas.

Normally, you use home decor waxes to paint wooden furniture or walls, I don't do either of those things, but I sure do like it on my arts and craft projects, like clay, metal, canvas and plaster. Waxes are great for antiquing; they do a superb job at getting into crevices and wiping off the surface. I like antique surface because it adds dimension. I then usually paint the surface, leaving the wax in the crevices. I have an easier time antiquing with waxes than I do acrylic paint. For antiquing I use dark brown, gray and black waxes. Waxes also seal surfaces, that's one of the reasons for using on wooden furniture. They also dry fast. I have used other brand waxes; Art Minds, Deco Arts, Folk Art and Annie Sloan and like them all.

 Alrighty then! Did mean to go on and on about waxes. See, this why you don't go to the craft and look around, you discover stuffs. Put on blinders and just get what you need is what I say, but still can't do...lol! Well, I hope you enjoy my little bowl and visit the Makin's Clay Blog. Below are some sneak peek pictures.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Faux Leather Paper Purse Card-Imagine

Hello Makers!

I enjoy making paper purse birthday cards for friends and sisters. I make them out of paper and embellish them with stamps, bling, pearls, and just about anything that strikes my fancy. Inside I add note and a gift card. This time I thought I'd make a faux leather purse using Imagine's Walnut Inks and clear embossing powder. Sure do love the results. Check out Imagine's blog to learn how to make this cute card paper purse.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Clay Heart Valentine Card

Hello Makers!

It's Valentine season. Looking to make a unique card for that loved in your life. Learn how to make this nice card over at the Imagine Blog. I made this card using Imagine's Walnut Inks; known for its awesome vintage look quality. I have embossed white wildflowers. I made the heart out of polymer clay and colored it with Staz On Valentine Inker.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Las Laguna Gallery Exhibit

Hello Makers!

I am so over the moon to be part of the Las Laguna Gallery "Two of Hearts" exhibit for the month of Feb. The exhibit runs Feb 1-24 2018. The Artist Reception and Opening is Thursday, Feb 1st, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm during Laguna's First Thursday Artwalk. Additionally, my piece, I call "Caged Heart" is featured in their promotional materials, check out the postcard image below.

A little about this piece. It an assemblage; the substrate is the back side a deep canvas, where I used the opening created by wood frame as a niche. I used wire, polymer clay, found objects.  

In a way, our current divisive environment inspired this piece. I believe that deep down in our hearts lies our true humanity.  However, we choose to open ourselves to who we are-humans who love. Or we could choose to keep our hearts caged. To do so is to limits our inner selves, our view of the world; clamp down on our passion, creativity, and emotions.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Thinking of You - Card - Imagine

Hello Makers!

I have a greeting card to share today. I have to admit, this card was inspired by the stencil and had to create a card around it. Love how that single bird sits on the tree. It looks so thoughtful; something about the moonlight does that to you. For this project I used dye and pigment inks. Started out with the dye inks; it adds bright burst of colors, then I used pigment inks; I like how it adds that moody, hazy nighttime feel to this card. To get detailed instructions on how to make this card, visit the Imagine Blog.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Steampunk Box with Porthole

Hello Makers!

Today I have a fun make to share. As many of you know, I am fond of steampunk/industrial/grungy aesthetics. I love to make keepsake boxes made out of cigar boxes. Not only do I get to be creative, but I also upcycle a beautiful, wooden cigar box and best of all, I save it from the landfill. I get my boxes from my local cigar shop. Hope you like it.

I am also sharing my make with the following challenges:
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