Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fabulon Gallery Exhibit-Not Your Typical Love Story

Hello Makers!

So ecstatic to be part of Fabulon Gallery's Charleston, SC "Not You Typical Love Story" exhibit for the month of Feb. The exhibit runs Feb 1-28 with the reception on Feb 10 5-8 pm.

My piece is a dress sculpture made out of wire, plaster, fiber clay, titled "A Little Bit of Love for Everyone". It is around 11 x 6 x 2 inches. If  you follow my blog you know that I like making little openings/niches in pieces and letting the viewer peek inside. This piece to me represent humanity and the capacity to love. It's expansive, if we allow ourselves to love and treat everyone equally.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Wonky Triangle Pendant - Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

Today I have a quick clay project, I call Wonky Triangle pendant. I made this pendant using Makin's Clay terracotta color and a texture stamp from Helen Breil. I did not alter the original terracotta clay too much, wanted the real color to show through. On the raised area I rubbed a little Inca Gold Gilder's paste. I thought it made for a nice contrast to the terracota color. I have also added a little wire wrapping, using 24 gauge antique copper wire, as well as a metal circle and rhinestone embellishments.   

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Whimsical Wigs Magnets - Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

Ever wonder what you look like with a different hair style. Why not create your own wig and try it on. Not only can you try it, but you can also put a wig on someone's else head and see what they look like. Give  little brother long blond hair, or black beehive hairdo, or dad red head with pig tails. I made little silly refrigerator wig magnets. The idea is you place a wallet size pictures on the refrigerator and overlay the wig magnet and unleash the fun. In my example I used pictures of the Makin's Clay Design Team. Do we look great or do we look great? These fun little magnets are made using Makin’s Clay® White, Black and Earth Tones clay. To get detailed stepout instructions please visit the Makin's Clay Blog.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Heart and Wings Wall Hanging

Hello Makers!

I enjoy making pieces of various types and sizes. I tend to like working small-ish, that is to say no bigger than 8 x 8  inches when doing assemblages and no bigger than 9 x 12 inches when doing 2D work, for example. However, I had to rise to the challenge of working big when my friend commissioned me to make a large steampunk wall hanging for her step-daughter's birthday. So I rolled up my sleeves and got in gear (pun intended) and came up with this piece.  The wings measure 22 inches in length and about 10 inches wide and the heart is roughly 15 x 15 inches.

The wings and heart is made of solid wood and paper mache. I added dimension to the flat wooden heart by layering with clay paper mache. One layer took 3 to 5 days to dry, good thing I had a well over a month to make this project. Once all the layers were dried, I added faux sheet metal look with cardboard and acrylic paint.

I painted the wings with Modern Masters real metal paint and patina solution.  Just love, love how this product makes such an awesome patina effect. The process is simple, you spray the patina to copper metal paint, and you get an authentic green patina look in about an hour. I've used this product, as well other metal paint combination from Modern Masters', like their Bronze paint with the blue patina and iron with patina to create rust effect on my other projects, check them out; time watchers, journey, industrial vase wall hanging; love never rusts. I hope you like my heart and wings wall hanging.

Below are a few stepouts. I had to do this outside under a shaded tree, did not have room inside, so you will see some sunshine in my pictures.

Original wooden wings. 

First you add the Modern Master primer. You must the add the primer to protect the wood from getting damaged by the patina and allows the paint to adhere nicely. Add a couple of layers of primer.

Paint with copper paint

Here is the wing painted after one layer of copper metal paint. The paint has the same consistency as Golden's fluid acrylic paint, perhaps a tinge thinner and is very opaque. The finish is smooth and brush stroke free. 

Paint a second layer of copper paint and spray the patina, stand back and watch the magic.
Here you see the wings in different stages of oxidation. 

Close up view of a wing

Close up of the heart


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dance Art Journal

Hello Makers!

So excited to present my first Artist In Residence project for Imagine. I decided to create an Art Journal page. My page was inspired by the upcoming new year. I was thinking about the New Year and resolutions. Every year I make them, I even have adopt a word mantra. It all falls through by the beginning of Feb, lol! This year I am going for positive vibes only. I've had this dancing girl stencil, which I love so much, been meaning to put it on a canvas bag too. I used it for my journal page to illustrate that positive vibe intention for 2018. Please visit the Imagine Blog to find out how I created this page, and for many other project ideas.