Friday, February 16, 2018

Copper Patina Bowl - Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

My Makin's Clay project this month is a patina and copper holy bowl. Keep in mind this bowl is not going to save your soul, but it can hold your trinkets though. I used Makin's Clay: mini GEO Cutter Set, Rollers and Cutter Set and white clay. To paint the bowl I used copper metallic paint and furniture and home decor patina wax from Art Minds. Please visit the Makin's Clay Blog to get detailed instructions and take a look around for more project ideas.

Normally, you use home decor waxes to paint wooden furniture or walls, I don't do either of those things, but I sure do like it on my arts and craft projects, like clay, metal, canvas and plaster. Waxes are great for antiquing; they do a superb job at getting into crevices and wiping off the surface. I like antique surface because it adds dimension. I then usually paint the surface, leaving the wax in the crevices. I have an easier time antiquing with waxes than I do acrylic paint. For antiquing I use dark brown, gray and black waxes. Waxes also seal surfaces, that's one of the reasons for using on wooden furniture. They also dry fast. I have used other brand waxes; Art Minds, Deco Arts, Folk Art and Annie Sloan and like them all.

 Alrighty then! Did mean to go on and on about waxes. See, this why you don't go to the craft and look around, you discover stuffs. Put on blinders and just get what you need is what I say, but still can't! Well, I hope you enjoy my little bowl and visit the Makin's Clay Blog. Below are some sneak peek pictures.

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