Friday, February 23, 2018

Waterdrops Pendants

Hello Makers!

Today I have a quick, easy and very stylish project to share using Makin's Clay Waterdrops 3-piece Waterdrops Cutter Set. I like that little curvy waterdrop look to these cutters, makes things look whimsical.

For this project I used bake clay. For the thickness, I used two sheet of clay at the thickest setting on the pasta machine. I then cut out raindrop shapes using the largest and second largest cutter in the set.

I treated the pendants with Susan Lenart Kazmer's Ice Resin Enamels, design to use on metal, but works on clay. I used the torquoise enamel. To do this, the clay has to be baked. Place a piece of paper under the pendants to catch the excess enamel. Apply the adhesive designed for these enamels with a brush. Then sprinkle on the enamel, shake off the excess on the paper and put back in the container. Melt the enamel with a heating tool. I drilled a hole after enameling using a 1/16 drill bit. I did this manually; a drill is overkill and you will risk cracking the pendant.

It's a little tough handle the pendant with your fingers because of its size. I found it way easier to add a makeshift handle. This can be done with a needle, toothpick or precision knife, really anything that sharp and has long handle. Stab one of these tools to the back of  the pendant. Do so gently and not too deep, or you'll cut through the front. Now you have a handle and applying the adhesive and enamel becomes easier and more comfortable task. It's important that these pendants be sealed with a proper clay sealer or polyurethane or the enamels will scratch off.  Happy Creating!

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