Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Real Lace and Clay Pendants

Hello Makers!

Just wanted to share a quick experimental project. I made these two pendant using a glass cabochon, real lace and two-part epoxie clay, brand, Apoxie Sculpt. You mix the two-parts; the clay and the hardener. The clay is then activated and begins to the action of curing. Work time is about one hour, then it begins to set. As result, you cannot save left over clay. The key is to mix the amount you need, easier said than done. This clay cures to a rock hard consistency and does not break. I like to use it in assemblage work, to adhere things together. You can blend into your found objects and make your art look and paint it; makes for a unified look...you know intentional. It's a little challenge to make sculptures with, since you have to work kinda of fast, but make for armatures for its strength.

Having said all this. One day, I was working on an assemblage piece and had left over clay. I could not save the clay, but hated the idea of wasting it too. So, I got the quick idea to make a pendant. Then I thought of the what, so I looked around at my crafting table frantically to see what I can use  before the clay began to completely set. Then it just came to me, to sandwich the lace between the clay and a glass cabochon. The clay does not alter the lace, just adheres to the glass through the holes in the lace. Love how it turned out.

Monday, April 16, 2018

100 Day Project - Abstracts - Days 6-10

Hello Makers!

I am still on my 100 Day Project journey making abstracts. These abstracts are for days 6-10.

Day 6 Abstract

Day 7 Abstract

Day 8 Abstract

Day 9 Abstract

Day 10 Abstract

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Abstract Emphera and Rust

Hello Makers!

So ecstatic to be a Guest Designer at Vintage Journey where April's challenge theme is Rust. For me it's always fun to do metal surface on unseemly surfaces like paper and clay. I made a minimalist, abstract, vintage collage canvas. I found this awesome ephemera papers that I did not want to alter, I just love everything original about it and wanted to preserve it, so I decided to collage it, without altering, with rusty paper and metal embellishments. 

A little about the ephemera. A while back while in the Virginia countryside I found original and in mint condition ephemera, in the form of hadwritten court warrants/complaints papers from the 1920s. I have to admit I read them all. It's was like reading the town's gossip or blotter report;  people stealing railroad spikes, domestic abuse and even people stealing chickens. 

To learn more about how I made this piece, visit the Vintage Journey site. While you are there, check out the rest rusty goodness projects.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sending Smiles Card - Imagine

Hello Makers!

Send someone smiles today with this pocket of smiles greeting card. At Imagine, the color for April is Mango, which is a soft yellow. The color inspired these happy faces, how natural is that, lol! I made this card with a happy face stamp, handmade envelope and colored it with Imagine's new ink Versafine Clair Warm Breeze ink and VersaMagic Mango Madness ink. To learn how to make this cute visit Imagine's Blog.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

100 Day Project - Abstracts - Days 1-5

Hello Makers!

I am embarking on a 100 Day Project. This is where you pick one artsy something and make it for 100 days. I chose to make abstracts. I make sculptural, 3D type art, but I also enjoy 2D work. I will create my abstracts on 9x12 inch heavy watercolor paper and will use mainly acrylics and at times will use watercolors, inks, charcoal, pastels, pastels, and oil pastel crayons. I will also use paper (for collaging), fibers, texture paste; love the texture and effects these elements create. Hope you like my abstracts.

Day 1 Abstract

Day 2 Abstract

Day 3 Abstract

Day 4 Abstract
Day 5 Abstract