Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Real Lace and Clay Pendants

Hello Makers!

Just wanted to share a quick experimental project. I made these two pendant using a glass cabochon, real lace and two-part epoxie clay, brand, Apoxie Sculpt. You mix the two-parts; the clay and the hardener. The clay is then activated and begins to the action of curing. Work time is about one hour, then it begins to set. As result, you cannot save left over clay. The key is to mix the amount you need, easier said than done. This clay cures to a rock hard consistency and does not break. I like to use it in assemblage work, to adhere things together. You can blend into your found objects and make your art look and paint it; makes for a unified look...you know intentional. It's a little challenge to make sculptures with, since you have to work kinda of fast, but make for armatures for its strength.

Having said all this. One day, I was working on an assemblage piece and had left over clay. I could not save the clay, but hated the idea of wasting it too. So, I got the quick idea to make a pendant. Then I thought of the what, so I looked around at my crafting table frantically to see what I can use  before the clay began to completely set. Then it just came to me, to sandwich the lace between the clay and a glass cabochon. The clay does not alter the lace, just adheres to the glass through the holes in the lace. Love how it turned out.

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