Saturday, May 19, 2018

Abstract Clay Art - Makin's Clay

Hello Makers!

Today I am sharing my abstract, wabi, sabi art piece using piece of stamped clay tiles. Recently I was involved with an Imagine and Precious Remembrance Blog Hop. I received the Totally Stamp Set and made a heart card project on day 1. Then day 2, I made a necklace by stamping into polymer clay and making beads. 

I had used the stamps on paper, then on polymer clay to make the necklace and now I was on a roll with stamping into clay that now I wanted to try it Makin's Clay. I decided to make an abstract art piece. Really, I had no concept of what I wanted to create, other than to make an abstract piece. It's like at moments when you're on a roll, you try things that you had in back of head for while; you say to yourself, "why not".  

I made this by stamping on black Makin's Clay and cutting out the tiles. I used Precious Remembrance Shop 'Totally' stamp set and Imagine's VersaMark Ink and White Embossing Powder. I painted and stamped wooden coffee stirrer, that's the bar holding the tiles. I strung metal beads on a cotton cord and tied them on the ends. I used a wooden substrate. Well I hope you like my project and check out my other projects as well. I have included a tutorial below.

Condition the clay in the pasta machine or use a roller. If using a pasta machine use the 3rd thickest setting and fold in half and smooth with your fingers, so that it blends together. Stamp into the clay, cut out the tiles. Let the clay cure for 24 hours by letting it air dry.

Decorate wooden coffee stirrers by painting it white. Then stamped black marks; for this I used the striation stamp from the Totally stamp set. These sticks are going to bed used to hold the tiles together.

Once tiles are cured. Place them upside down. Lay down the coffee stirrers on top of them, then lay down fresh clay and glue. Let it cure for 24 hours.

Paint the wooden substrate black. Then add marks with Imagine's Pico Embellisher. It a fine line applicator. I made Asemic writing marks inside and abstract marks on the edges.

Ink the tiles with Imagine's VersaMark ink.

Sprinkle Imagine's White Embossing Powder and heat set. 

 To make the stringed beads that hang down the sides, string the metal beads on cotton cords and tie the knots to hold the beads in place. Vary the distance between the beads. Then tie cord on the far left and far right on the coffee stirrers.

Assemble the tiles on the coffee stirrer. Add glue to the back of the tiles and adhere to the substrate. Well, I hope you like this project and give it a try.

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