Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Precious Remembrance Shop Stamps & Imagine Blog Hop-Day 2

Hello Makers!

Today is Day 2 of the Imagine and Precious Rememberance Shop (PRC) 2-Day Blog Hop, May 16th and 17th 2018. During this hop, we will feature awesome creations from the Design teams at PRC and Imagine. Not only do we show you PRC's fabulous stamps with Imagine's outstanding inks, but you will also get a chance to win prizes.

If you have not seen Day 1 of this Blog hop, please check it out.  

Giveaway Details:
- Hop Along and leave us some comments on each blog. 

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- Winners will be announced at the end of the month
1 Winner : School Days & Totally stamp sets (Precious Remembrance Shop)
1 Winner : $30 Gift Certificate from Imagine Crafts

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Have fun & Goodluck! 
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Iris Rodriguez (you are here)

...and now for my project

My make today is a is pendant made out of polymer clay and PRC's Totally Stamp Set. I had stated yesterday that I was inspired by the funky and whimsical patterns and used it in my card project yesterday. I also saw potential to use the patterns to make funky, bohemian type pendant.
I stamped the patterns onto FIMO Soft Clay. These stamps are nice and deep, perfect for stamping into clay. After stamping the clay, I then cut out the shapes and baked it in the oven. For the surface treatment, I embossed the raised areas with Imagine's White Embossing Powder. Added metal beads strung on a waxed cotton cord. I have included a tutorial.


Imagine Products:

FIMO Soft Polymer Clay-black
Metal Beads
Cotton Cord
Ceramic Tile or cookie sheet
Precision Knife or Blade
Cotton Cord
Sculpey Clay Sealer

Recommend using FIMO Soft or Sculpey PREMO black polymer clay. They are both great quality clay and fairly inexpensive. Both types of clay comes in 2 ounce blocks, all you need is one block of black clay for this project. Begin by conditioning the clay with your hands, or use a pasta machine or roller.

Using a roller or a pasta machine roll out a sheet of clay, twice the length of the stamp and as wide as the stamp. If using the pasta machine, use the 3rd thickest setting (about 1/16 inch). Fold the clay in half. Repeat the process again. You will have two folded sheets of clay. Lay one sheet on top of the other sheet of clay. Gently smooth it out the clay with your fingers; this is so that they blend together.

 Spray the stamp with a little water. This keeps the stamp from sticking to the clay.

Stamp the clay by placing the stamp over the clay and firmly pressing down. Do not rock the clay. You will get some clay residue on the stamp; you can clean it with rubbing alcohol or use Imagine's StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner.

Cut out the shape with a precision knife or blade used for clay.

Bake in the clay in the oven, according to the manufacturer's instructions on the package. Baking the clay is like baking cookies, you will need a heat resistant surface. Bake the clay on a ceramic tile. You can also place baking sheet on top of a cookie sheet and bake the clay. The clay is non-toxic.

Ink the raised surface with the VersaMark ink.

Sprinkle Imagine's White Embossing Powder, catch the excess powder on sheet of paper and place back in the container.

Using a small brush wipe the powder off the indented areas.

Heat set the embossing powder. The embossing powder behaves the same on polymer clay as it does on paper. It is very important the the pendant pieces get sealed. Because of the plastic nature of polymer clay, the embossing powder will tend to scratch off. Seal the clay with Sculpey Clay Sealer or water-based polyurethane sealer. Both will withstand wear and tear. Do not use spray sealers like Krylon or 3M; it will make the clay sticky forever and will not dry.

Drill holes into the clay where the cord will be strung through, using a 1 mm drill bit; this is about the same size as the cord. Another method to make a hole in the clay; while the clay is raw, stick a toothpick into the clay and bake the clay with the toothpick in it. Take out the toothpick after baking and you are left with hole. The toothpick will not stick to the clay and will not burn.

 Now we are going to embellish the necklace. For this project I used a cotton cord and large hole metal beads.

Measure desired size size of the cord, then cut it. Tie a piece of cord on the outside of both of the pieces and in the middle of both pieces.

String the beads through the cord and tie knots. Vary the distance of the beads to give it variety.

This is it for me, I hope you give this project a try.


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