Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Tree Pendant

Hello Makers!

Christmas is around the corner. As we go about shopping for others, take a little break and make something whimsical and holiday themed for yourself to go with the nice threads that you will be wearing during the celebrations. How about a polymer clay Christmas Tree pendant. I made this pendant using black polymer clay and Makin's Clay tools; Geo Mini Cutters, and rolling cutters. Check out my quick tutorial below.

Polymer Clay
Makin's Clay: Ultimate Clay Machine, Geo Mini Cutters, Roller and Cutter Set
Baroque Gilders Paste: Patina, Silver
Silver Glass Glitter (any brand)
Judikins Diamond Glaze

Roll out two sheets of clay on the pasta machine to the fourth thickest setting or use a roller.

Cut out desired tree shape and size template by using a piece of cardboard. Place the template over the clay, using the template as a guide cut out the tree.

 Cut out the stars using the star shape from the Mini Geo cutter set.

Make the wavy lines on the trees by rolling the crinkly cutter across the tree. Don't press too hard or you'll end up cutting it.

 Place tree over the second sheet of clay and cut.
If using a bake clay, bake the clay according the manufacturers directions on the package or let if using air dry clay, allow the clay to air dry.

Before we put products, paint the tree with black gesso. This allows the products to better adhere. Rub on the Patina Gilders Paste on the tree and use the silver paste for the stars. Add a thin layer of Judikins Diamond glaze on the stars, then sprinkle the glass glitter. Add another layer of Judikins Diamond, filling the stars' cavity. Also add glaze to the star tree top. Let it dry, allow to glaze to dry for more than an hour. When wet it looks hazy and shows clear when dry. You can also color the tree with acrylic paints, mica powders, which you can use when the clay is baked or unbaked. Hope you enjoyed my project. Happy holidays!

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