Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Life is a Beautiful Ride Assemblage

Hello Makers!

My share today is this simple assemblage shadowbox made using handmade clay pieces, resin embellishment and paint. I found this resin bicycle years ago and thought it would be a good assemblage or canvas mixed media embellishment one day. I made the tree out wire and covered it with Makin's Clay. I know the tree feels that it should have leaves, for some reason I did not want leaves, lol! Below is high level tutorial.

So I started by painting my little 5x5 shadowbox with white gesso, 
then painted it with blue acrylic paint.

Painted some flowers, bushes, grass and clouds with acrylic paint. 

I made the tree by wire wrapping 18 gauge aluminum wire together, 
then covered it with Makin's Clay. Allowed the clay to dry for a day. 
Painted the tree and bike with white gesso. Ready to be painted. 

See my post on wire tree, where I explain how to make wire trees. 
Only difference is that the trees in the post were not altered or painted. 
Unlike this tree that I covered with clay and painted. 

I painted the tree with brown acrylic paint.

I painted with bicycle red, brown, metallic silver
 and black acrylic paint.

I glued the tree with a strong adhesive, E-6000. 
Then glued the bike onto the tree and ground.


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