Tuesday, October 22, 2019

All-Purpose Ink Embroidery-Imagine

Hello Makers,

I don't consider myself a sewing person, whatsoever. However, I do like textile arts. My mom showed how to make very basic stitches to sew a quick rip in clothes, you know as a basic life skills. I have this dear friend, who likes me, has a wide artsy interests. She destashed her crafting supplies and gave me a gallon bag of embroidery thread. It sat there for while. It was about time I challenge myself with an embroidery. I made this wall hanging using Imagine's All-Purpose Inks to color the plain fabric and stitch some whimsical stitches. I did have to use the internet as a resource to learn how to stitch other than straight lines. Check out Imagine's blog for the tutorial. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Walnut Ink Steampunk Box-Imagine

Hello Makers!

I enjoy using Walnut inks on wooden projects. The colors are rich and seep into the grain nicely, bringing out the beauty of the wood. Did you know hat Imagine has Walnut Inks in many variety of colors. All have the earthy matte look to them. For this project, I used the Terra Cotta ink, brown-reddish color. To color the gears I used metallic Delicata Inks; Celestial Copper, Golden Glitz and Shimmery Silver. Check out the tutorial on the Imagine blog.