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Andy Skinner
Product Designer, Educator. Style is Steampunk, Grunge

Beth Conklin, Here on Earth
Digital Artist, Photographer. Style is vintage. Creates awesome digital images that I find amazing, thought provoking, shocking and inspiring. Her work also includes a depiction of a quote.

Cass Copeland 
Assemblage and Collage Fine Artist. Style is Vintage, Industrial, Steampunk. Her assemblage is some of the best I've ever seen.

Cat Kerr
Crafter, Jeweler, Educator. Style Vintage, Grunge, Shabby Chic, Modern.

Carol Nelson  
Fine Artist, Educator. Style is Modern, Abstract. Love all her abstract work, great use of texture and color. Love her Craftsy online class on mixed media.

Carol Staub
Fine Artist. Style is Contemporary, Abstract. Love her abstract work. Great use of texture, collage paper, shapes.

Christi Friesen
Polymer Clay Artist, Educator, Designer. Love her whimsical clay sculptures as well as her products for Clay and metal.
Online Store:
Christi's Creative Neighborhood:

Dale Mathis
Fine Artist, Sculptor. Style is Industrial, Steampunk with a tinge of contemporary. Although his works is industrial, at the same time it's elegant an classy. Dale creates jaw dropping sculptural, complicated and moving mechanical works of art using metal, real gears, pistons, glass and just about everything else. In my opinion, the best artist in this genre.

Deeann Rieves 
Fine Artist. Style is Modern, Contemporary.  Love how she free motion embroiders paper on canvas, of color and abstract work.

Donna Downey
Fine Artist, Educator, Designer. Style is Modern, Contemporary. Love her classy, yet fun, whimsical, colorful style and her products.

Doreen Kassel
Clay Sculptor, Illustrator, Educator. Makes funky surreal creatures with a vintage look using polymer clay.

Eric Freitas
Metal Sculptor. Style is Vintage, Industrial, Steampunk. He makes awesome, breathtaking, complex functional clock sculptures.

Ewa Mrozowska

Designer for Finnabair. Grunge, Shabby Chic, Vintage. Her art is grunge/vintage/industrial, yet it so clean an organized. Site is in Polish; you need a translator tool. 

Artist, Designer, Educator. Style steampunk, grungy, vintage, industrial. Love all the Finnabair, Prima Marketing products as well the rest of the Prima Marketing products.

Gabrielle Pollacco, What a Pretty Mess 
Product Designer. Style is Vintage, Shabby Chic;

Gayle Price
Artist. Style is Vintage, Grunge, Steampunk

Gerard Brok
Fine Artist. Style is contemporary. I like his abstracts and use of various materials in his art. His work has and industrial feel.

Hillary Fayle
Textile Fine Artist. Modern, Contemporary. She embroiders preserved natural leaves and plants; she uses a simple and complex crochet and weaving techniques. Her work is so delicate, simple with a hint of complexity; with the use man made object (thread) with nature.

Igor Morski
Graphic designer, illustrator and set designer. He makes mixed media graphic art, based mainly on photo manipulation (surrealism...think Salvador Dali), drawings,  in 3D.

Jason Brammer
Visual artist, painter, and muralist. His style is modern, vintage, industrial, eclectic, steampunk. EH does assemblage work with a mixture of founds object and painting effects. I like his entire Time Machine series. His paintings looks 3D. He morphs 3D objects with painted images, where the eye cannot tell the difference. His all flat painting look like they are popping out of the canvas. All his work is amazing.

Jodi Ohl 
Mixed  Media Artist. Love all her abstract, graffiti, whimsical work and use of color.

Jen Cushman
Artist,  Jeweler, Author, Educator. Style is Vintage, Modern, Ecclectic

Julie Balzer
Product Designer, Educator, TV Show Host. Style is Modern, Abstract, Funky Colorful;

Kina Crown
Sculptor. Makes awesome and very whimsical ceramic figurines in shadowboxes with sassy quotes.

Linda Brown, Artfully Yours
Modern, Vintage, Steampunk, Industrial; Crafter

Linda Cain, Friends in Art
Designer for Art Retro Cafe Vintage, Grunge, Steampunk, Industrial

Mary Hettsmansperger
Textile Artist and Jeweler, Educator. Style Vintage, Industrial, Rustic. Love how she combines fiber and metal in jewelry and sculptural piece using her basket weaving techniques. She uses low tech techniques but in a very creative and and clever manner.

Marta LapowskaVintage
Shabby Chic, Grunge, Industrial, Steampunk

Michelle Ward
Artist, Product Designer. Style is Modern, Vintage, Architectural;

Nava Lubelki
Textile Artist. Sytle is Modern, Contemporary. Love her embroidered work on canvas.

Rae Missigman
Fine Artist, Designer, Educator. Style is Modern, Contemporary. Famously known for her color and mark making; her art is classy, fun and whimsical.

Robyn Davis
Illustrator, Assemblage Artist. Style is Vintage, Industrial, Steampunk

Seth Apter, The Altered Page
Product Designer, Author, Educator. Style is Grunge, Industrial, Modern;

Stephanie Evans
Sculptor. Makes awesome ceramic dresses, usually with an opening revealing something. 

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