Collage on Canvas
Title: Beautiful Beginnings
Made of canvas, paper, color spray mists, gel medium, zipper

Collage on Watercolor Paper
Title: Capture the Moment
watercolor paper, paper, acetate, ink 
water media, metallic thread
Mixed Media on Wood Substrate
Title: You are loved
wood, pigment inks, walnut ink, pigment medium

Journal Page
watercolor paper, pigment, walnut ink
Autumn Leaves Collage
Made of wood, paper, polymer clay, fibers

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Becoming
Made of canvas, chipboard, lace, burlap, metal

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Heart and Wings Guide
Made of canvas chipboard, metal, paper, polymer clay
Accordion Book (clay covers)
polymer clay, paper

Art Journal Page
Title: Imaginary Neighborhoods
Made of watercolors, color pencils

Art Journal Page
Title: Imaginary Neighborhoods
Made of watercolors, color pencils

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Key to Nowhere
Made canvas, chipboard, metal, paper, fibers, rust oxidation solution

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Unlock Your Dreams
Made of canvas, chipboard, specialty handmade paper,
corrugated cardboard, metal

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle
Made of cardboard, chipboard, paper, wood, ink, fibers, lace

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Opportunity Knocks
Made of canvas, chipboard, acrylic paint
Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Be Eggcellent
canvas, chipboard, polymer clay, fibers, paper

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Always Wear Your Invisible Crown
canvas, polymer clay, chipboard, wire, acrylic paint

Mixed Media on Canvas 
Shabby Chic Style
Title: Soar
cardboard, chipboard, paper, flowers, lace, fibers, thread

Mixed Media Canvas
Title: Laugh As Much as You Breath
canvas, paper, fiber, color sprays

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